Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time to recoup and rest.

We went to see the Doctor. He was pleased with the fracture mending. About floored my girl when he said “probably 12 weeks”.  When it first happened it was 4-6 weeks, then 6-8 weeks now he said, “8-12 weeks” come back again in four weeks.

We smiled and left, knowing it was time to take in the ‘slides’, lift the jacks, start the diesel, hook up the van and roll to the mountains. So here we are:

Home for a while 001

The mountain starts up right in front of the car. there is a nice brook to the left.  I was taking advantage of a break in the rain for this shot!

Reece-e-cup came over and helped Sherry put her famous lasagna together on Monday.  (Sherry got the receipt from Joan Doughton, while we were in the Navy).  Anyway, Sherry cooked the dish Tuesday, had garlic bread and a salad (and turtle pie). We had company:

Grandpa and Luke

Luke Vegas and Me

Luke and Grandma

Luke and Grandma

Matt and his girl friend Kirsten 

Matt and his girl friend Kirsten (?) I cannot hear well enough to know for sure. A beautiful young lady.

We saved some for Mark and Reece, who were both working late.

Vickie brought us some chili & beans over, enough for two meals +, AND as we were leaving Shirl gave us some salmon steaks and a jar of special juice (non alcoholic!), with a tomato and cuke. (I found it pays to advertise, more folks show up with food! LOL) 

Vickie, the chili was delicious, we had some just after we got set up!

Evelyn, tell Don the water pressure regulator works good (once I figured how to adjust it!)

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


A revival that Jimmy will attend!!!!!

Jimmy is going to this revival


Jimmy’s truck before the revival


Jimmy’s truck after he got religion!

rear engine

NOW He B cool!!!


Lucy said...

It looks peaceful, and I bet cool. That is so nice and makes us feel good when people help when we are sort of down for a time. Kathy was the only one that did,but we managed. Sherry , my sister fell several years ago and broke her fingers and thought she did not need to be fixed. Her fingers healed like they were half closed. Limited so much of what she could do. I know 12 weeks seems long but you will be glad they are letting it heal good. Don't forget there will probably be some limbering up therapy, probably more at home, but you will be good as new. Take care you 2.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you made it and can get some good rest and relaxation in. I'm sure Sherry will be glad to have such a beautiful spot to be healing in. All that good food and friends and relatives though will probably missed. I know you can cook though so I don't think you all will go hungry at all. It's a beautiful sunny day here in Ohio. I just came in from getting some sunshine on the deck of my camper. It was lunch time so I thought I'd take a break. It's cool yet in the shade but we may warm up into the 80's on the weekend. Hope your Thursday is a wonderful one!

Paula said...

Hee hee yep Jimmy will be there. I see your little dog is on guard. Like the flags up too.

shirl72 said...

Glad you are set up and enjoying
the mountains. Weather man said
we were going to have rain but
thank goodness pass us by.

Sherry can rest and let her arm
heal without cooking and waiting
on people. Glad to see the pictures.


betty said...

LOL on the church marquee! That could be an interesting revival :)

Looks like a pretty place to put down roots for a few days or weeks :)

Oh well, 12 weeks will go by fast if that is how long Sherry needs to wear her cast!

Enjoy your getaway!


Jean said...

Glad Sherry was up to getting away for a while to heal. I hope it doesn't take 12 weeks. Tomorrow will be 2 months since Grover broke his hip and today was the last day with the therapist. We will miss them coming but glad it's over. You have some handsome grandsons and the girl friend is so pretty. Take care, rest and enjoy the mountains. Jean

Louis la Vache said...

Re Jimmy's car prior to the revival - Obama has taken us right into the drink all right! Good visual on the effects of the disaster inhabiting the White House now...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to read and see such happiness. Please have a save journey and a good Friday you all.

Chatty Crone said...

So you are off on a new adventure and people brought food for your trip?

More weeks for her arm - that is like the limbo we are in right now.

I have to say you and Luke - you can tell look alike to me.

Well have fun and be careful.



Looks like a lovely spot to nest for a while. ENJOY! Fractures are slow to heal, I know. Hang in there, Sherry. who is going to cook now that you've left all that family hospitality??? take care.