Thursday, May 10, 2012

My doctor is weird.

My Dr. is a VA doctor. He is Dr. Coutts.  A nice guy from India, I presume. After grabbing my hand and giving it a good shake,  welcoming me to his office and pointing out a chair, he got right to the computer.

I am used to not understanding him right away, he said, “xxxxxx  in xxx minute”

He started making faces and immediately picked up the phone and dialed.

Now he knows I am deaf. He also knows I can read lips a little and understand some words.

The phone is on speaker-phone  this is the conversation as I got it:

Doc: xxxxxxx Unknown words) I see the blood work is terrible. xxxx figures are bothering me. xxxxxx sugar if 400, increase insulin xxxxxx daily.

Phone: xxxxxxxx is correct, it was ran twice because it looked xxxxxxxx.

Doc: Be sure you xxx xx xxxxx then call. I know he is xxxxx   dying, but that is xxxxxxxx now.

Now this is my appointment, I think surely he has the wrong records on the screen, of course I cannot see his monitor, but I am about ready to look!

The whole thing was an emergency of another patient.  He knew with my hearing nothing would be compromised, but he didn’t think that I might mistake it for me. hahahahahaha.

But all went well and he gave me a good once over. Now I am good to go for another year.

Now another elated problem with hearing. My friend Von Dale and his wife Rose stopped by to see Sherry. Vondale talks low so I miss a lot. Today Sherry says I just talked to Rose and she said Von Dale was feeling worse. I asked her, is he sick? Yes, Jack. he has Rocky Mt. Spotted fever, they told us yesterday.  Now they might have but I DIDN’T HEAR IT.  hahahahah  that is the life of us hard of hearing folk.

That is a possibly fatal fever. I am sure he has started the procedures required.  Rose is a nurse and would insure the proper protocol was followed.

So all around me Rome is burning and I am fiddling. LOL

Thanks for coming this way.  Life is good as The BR Boomer says.

Nite Shipslog


Church bulletin blooper:

The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They may be seen in the basement on Friday afternoon.

1933 Ford

This is a beautiful 1933 Ford at the Eustis, FL Car show.  When we stop traveling, if I am physically able, I want to own a classic, and drive it on weekends.


betty said...

I had to laugh about the doctor assuming just because you were deaf that he still could take that phone call in the exam room with you; I'm sure he was still violating confidentiality issues, emergency or not. So sorry about your friend; am glad he does have a wife as a nurse who can help keep things straight in his treatment. Now that it is a proven fact that loud noises do contribute to people losing their hearing, makes you wonder why any kid would play their music super loud in their ears with their earphones on. Don't quite get that one.

Wow Friday tomorrow; hope Sherry is doing a bit better!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hearing that phone conversation must have made you feel a little nervous there for awhile...glad it wasn't you but sorry to hear someone else has all those problems.

It's a good thing Sherry keeps you filled in as to what is going on there. Hope your friend is better soon and that Sherry is too.

Sunny but a little chilly here today. Life is good!

Sheila Y said...

So that is what the church ladies are doing in the basement...hummm.
I'm glad you are good to go for another year, in spite of your little scare. I hope Sherry's arm is doing a little better. Love from up the road, Sheila

DD said...

I would have flatly fell off my chair if I heard those numbers. how did you stand it? !!!!!!!!

Why did you not just go ahead and buy that car you had your picture taken with? It is a beauty.

I had to laugh over the church bullentin blooper...haa

Overall good post, enjoyed.

Paula said...

I always check John on the way home from Church. Did you hear so and so say so and so? He almost always says no. Have you ever thought about sign language? I'll bet John wouldn't try to learn it.


I can't tell you how many times I've had doctors conduct other business on the phone, with me in the room. Frustrating since it's on my dime. Thank goodness he was NOT talking about you, Jack. I am sorry to hear about your friend, though. I hope he is feeling better soon. My husband is hard of hearing, so he can empathize with you. I'm starting to have issues myself, so the pair of us are walking around telling each other to speak up or repeat things all the time. take care.

shirl72 said...

I bet you thought you were on
your way to Gloryland.

Glad Sherry is feeling better.


Helen said...

That would have scared me also. The doc shouldn't do that in the room with another patient. Hope your friend gets better soon and hope Sherry is coping well with her arm.

Anonymous said...

There are HIPAA laws against what that doctor did...& almost every deaf patient that I ever had when I was managing medical practices could read lips to some extent.
Hmm. I would think the doctor would know that. Interesting guy.

Anonymous said...

Glad you all seem to be fine. Please have a good weekend ahead.

Sherry said...

I had a aunt named Von Dale in S.c., first name........... hugs Sherry

Fred Alton said...

Whew! You had me worried there for a minute, thinking maybe you were having serious med problems. No, I don't mean to minimize the hearing loss problem - but there are many things that could be far worse. I had my chemo pump removed again today and it's been a bit rough this afternoon and evening. So glad I had that mess of squirrel meat a couple days ago and built up my strength. Yesterday I had rice with squirrel mixed in. Grandma would have called it "Squirrelf Perleau" or maybe pilau. GOOD stuff!!!

Ken Riches said...

Perhaps it was all calculated to get your heart rate up a bit to see how you are doing :o)