Friday, May 4, 2012

More on the Storage Shed

We are about finished. I still have to tie in the electric, but mark says he is getting William Pressley to come over and do the mudding. I am a mudder but I am a lot slower.  William used to do all my houses, but with business slow, he will take about any work.  Self employment carries a lot of problems in slack time, many times you scrounge for work.  I will be glad to see William.


Seems this has been on before, me at the steps that caused Sherry’s distress.

Henry Jr. doing the insulation.


Antonio, Mark and henry hanging the Dry wall.


I know all these pictures are hard to make out, but on the left is the storage building. the building actually looks bigger than it really is, because the front section is the metal storage building we enclosed with white vinyl siding.


With so much jammed into the space it is hard to make out. but above is ‘OUR SWING’, I made it years ago and a lot of problems have been discussed in this swing. So I built around it. The main storage building and deck are behind it.


These shots are the final look with the fascia and soffit in place. I will later, of course,, underpin the structure.


The shot of Sherry’s steps, I hope eventually we can joke about it.

Sherry is doing well. I am trying my best to keep her settled, but she wants to be independent (of course). She is anxious to get a permanent cast on that arm, one that does not lock her elbow!!!

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Famous church bulletin bloopers:

A bean supper will be held on Tuesday evening in the church hall. Music will follow..

image0077Gotta love these old gas stations.


This is a beauty, 1909 Packard,  very well might have been serviced at the above service station.


betty said...

Glad to hear Sherry's doing well. I think it will take a bit of time to laugh about them, too fresh I think. But progress looks like it is going well!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sure does look like you have a super space there. Your set up with the new storage building makes for a really lavish place to park for awhile. I'm glad Sherry is doing well...Hope you both take good more accidents allowed there.

Chatty Crone said...

You all really know how to make a nice addition - I think you have a lot of things packed in there! And I think she will laugh at those steps one day - it will be but a memory after awhile, When does she get her cast on? Sandie

Paula said...

I like the swing. Mel and I had chairs on the front porch where we cussed and discussed late at night when he didn't have to go to work next day. Heal quickly Sherry.

shirl72 said...

Building looking good...
Dang those old steps...hope they
get in place soon..Lets put a

Glad Sherry is doing better, will
take time been there....



Looks ready to MOVE in. You all did a nice job. Having had a broken arm myself, I empathize with Sherry. Hope she has a speedy recovery. Meanwhile keep her comfortable and don't let her overdo. We want that arm to heal. take care.

DD said...

Your new space looks good and it looks well built.

I am glad Sherry is doing good. She will be back to her walking in no time!

I bet those steps will always be Sherry's (sorry).

Take care, DD