Friday, May 25, 2012

Hey, I found out, I am the Boss!

I can decide what meals we have. (of course any smart BOSS asks advice, right?) With my angel having a broken wing (and not doing too well as the patient either, I might add!) I am RESPONSIBLE. I am not used to that around the house, that has always been Sherry’s area of expertise. She has always produced great meals, kept me in line, raised two boys and held down a job.

Now looking at that list, at least, surely I can cook and clean, she has already sent the boys away. Plus work is long gone, surely I can fill in that  ‘little gap’ of cooking, shopping, dusting, washing and cleaning, right?

Scanoldphoto3 006

Hey, I am a CHIEF, that means something in the USN, but it don’t cut much mustard here at home. The Captain may have a broke wing, but she is still the Skipper.

I have been playing the chef(take the i our of Chief!). I fix a great bowl of oatmeal.

oatmeal 001

(with cinnamon/apple/raisin's on top)

But I have also found recipes on the net, I have done Salmon in a great sauce on a rice pilaf. I made a great Chicken soup, this time I used some fresh tomatoes, celery, onion, garlic (MS Dash, I cannot cook without her help)  cornstarch, corn and of course Chicken.  The left overs will be served over rice later.


(This is the left over chicken veggie soup. I made rice using Chicken broth to use as a pilaf).

I had an onion, egg and cheese scramble one morning. One morning I chopped an apple, added margarine, cinnamon, brown sugar and micro waved it for 2 minutes then served it with milk and dry cereal.I sat here and put together a recipe of French Toast, I hope will be delicious.

(….Later…..) Here it is (She said it was the BEST!):


I would never complain serving this lady. If you have been reading this blog a long time, you may remember, once I actually had an epiphany. Although I appreciated my girl, I then realized I would have had nothing, probably been a bum, if she was not in my life. She gave me purpose. A reason to succeed. She put reins on a wild horse and gave me directions.

So it is an honor to try to ease her pain and make her life easier until she get’s that wing back so she can FLY!

(Besides I am getting tired of installing and adjusting that BRA! hahaha!!!)

Thanks for all your prayers and support. I have a couple great friends who do not accept the fact of a higher power. Of course that is their right as a human. I understand that. I asked that they send some positive thoughts this way anyway!!! They have, and I appreciate it.

I did not mean to go  this long. Thanks for reading.

Nite Shipslog


Why are they called
Apartments when they are all stuck together?


Sherry’s dream car is the 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline:



Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
«Louis» had some oatmeal, trimmed out similar to yours for breakfast this morning...

One of «Louis'» uncles had a '48 Chevy like this, but it was painted in that Ghastly Green that was so popular in those days...

Sheila Y said...

You are turning in to quite the chef ole chief. It all looks very good. I hope Sherry is healed up and good as new soon. (But don't let Jack know, let him wait on you as long as possible). Have a great day in the hills, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Don liked to cook too...I really miss that...he was a better cook than I...used his imagination a lot for some creative recipes. Only problem, he never wrote down the original recipe therefore it could never be reproduced! He did an excellent salmon steak one time that I've never been able to duplicate! Bravo to you for your beautiful meals!

Your lady certainly has my is difficult to be patient when you want to get in there and do your "thing"!

I like that '48 Fleetline Sherry likes...good looking!

shirl72 said...

Glad you know cooking and like it.
I have heard about your meals.

I hope Sherry will hurry and get
the cast off. That is what makes things uncomfortable. Oh the things that happen as we go through our senior years. Thank goodness we know how to deal with them.

Paula said...

Wow! Your cookin' looks good. John knows how to make Ramen Noodle. lol

Anonymous said...

It is said, that we are one winged angels, able to fly, while embracing each other.

Please have you all a good weekend ahead.

Anonymous said...

It is said, that we are one winged angels, able to fly, while embracing each other.

Please have you all a good weekend ahead.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd say it sounds like you can cook and neither one of you will starve for sure! You and Sherry are always in my prayers. We are getting a nice rain right now. Temps got up to 93 here today and the rain was needed. After having little sleep at all last night...I'm heading to bed early tonight. Wouldn't have missed that new little one's birth though. Mom and babe are doing just fine.

betty said...

You are quite the chef, Jack!! All looked good!! And I'm sure all enjoyed by the two of you since the main thing is you are together :)


Chatty Crone said...

My husband makes oatmeal every morning (during the school year anyway) but we eat it with just some skim milk. Yours looks interesting.

Well I will say this Jack- you and your wife - really are a great couple. You are taking care of her and she takes care of you.


Ken Riches said...

Perhaps this will be the start of you cooking more often. I know I love cooking.


Cooking is a wonderful pastime. A necessity I know. But you sound like you're throwing together some great things. Tell Sherry to ENJOY this break, part the pun. LOL seriously, her only job is to heal right now. You're in my prayers. I had a broken arm, wrist, fingers, I know how you feel. Take care.