Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When you realize you are mortal

This evening Sherry and I dined alone on Chicken a la King. I had pressured the chicken and she had deboned it and had it all ready for the white sauce. she was feeding the crew again. This time her delicious, A la King.

My love walked out of the motor home to check out the deck I was building, the crew had gone to lunch they were working on the steps.


She was frustrated because the camera was on internal storage and this picture was the last one available to store. I couldn’t get it back to the card from internal storage. we were both frustrated. She had said there is not a picture of you working yet.  Those are the steps, she later fell on. The crew came back from lunch and set them in place since I had chalked a line and cut the decking boards.

It was about an hour later Sherry walked out on the deck. I was on the corner just opposite getting ready to tie the deck into the carport. She was only 6 feet from me when I saw her fall out of the corner of my eye.  The stairs ended up exactly as she had photographed them only her left leg was under the building and she was lying on the steps. They dropped 3 feet.

I yelled “Baby!” and ran over, Immediately, I could see her arm was broken her hand was at a wrong angle from her arm.  by that time the crew, especially Mark was there, blaming himself for not securing the steps. 

But my thoughts, seeing her lying there completely still, was, “NO! not my love! MY LOVE OF 56 YEARS!” She wasn’t moving and in the few seconds, I was by her side, I was thinking how quickly accidents happen. I knew she was hurt, but I feared the worst, because she did exactly what she should have done, lay perfectly still, she knew to do that. many a minor injury has become major because the victim moved, causing fatal or permanent damage.

After checking her, We walked to the car, I took her to the local Urgent care facility that had just opened near here.  We have passed it several times, not knowing that one of us would ever be there.

My love is 74, she has never had a broken bone. I once caught her ankles as she fell head first off the side of a mountain with full pack.  We had laughed together,  once we were back on the trail. We both have taken some rough falls on the Appalachian Trail, but no serious injuries. It is time to realize mortals get seriously hurt.  We are both grateful it was not worse.

I watched my love as the doctor tried to reset this break THREE TIMES, not a grimace. finally the   x-rays said, ‘IT IS STILL NOT SET’, so tomorrow we have an appointment with an ‘expert’ who will try to set it without surgery, but with the complicated break, the doc says, surgery is a distinct possibility.

We would both appreciate your prayers, if you talk to the Lord. Some folk don’t pray, that is your choice, but I would appreciate some positive thoughts if you don’t.

Thanks for coming my way, it is impossible for me not to tear up when I think of the possibilities.

I finished the Chicken a la King, with her directions, but I had a problem with the blessing, as I thanked God I still had my one and only LOVE!

Thank you in advance.

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Sorry I missed your blogs tonight.  Love you guys.



I borrowed my brother in law’s 1955 turquoise Chevrolet to drive to Sherry’s house to ask for our first date.


I picked her up in this one, 1948 Chevy convertible. It was 4 speed, Sherry-o-matic. She changed the gears, cause my right arm was holding her close!!!


Paula said...

Oh Jack you and Sherry have my prayers. I'm so sorry this happened but glad it isn't worse. Wishing her the best. Keep us posted when you can.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear Sherry broke her arm. Wishing her a speedy recovery!


Poor Sherry falling like that. Then breaking her arm. She is so lucky nothing else was hurt. I hope her arm can be set properly. If surgery is needed keep us posted Jack. I know how worried you must be. Your wife is tough as those nails you drive. She'll get through this, I know. She is in my prayers and so are you. take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Of course I'll be praying. May the dear Lord bless Sherry with healing and guide the doctors caring for her. I do hope that surgery will not be needed. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye and no sense trying to figure it out either. It's done and over and the good Lord will take care of her. Thankfully the arm is all that was broken and that can be fixed. Take good care and know you both are in my thoughts and prayers.

Lucy said...

Jack and Sherry, I am so sorry about the arm. I am just hoping Sherry, that you are not in to much pain.I broke my arm when I was about 7 or 8. The bone was sticking out, of my elbow and I have the best use of that arm than any other limb on my body. I was young , but Sherry old bones, and you are in good physical condition,. heal nicely. My prayers are with you both because It hurts both of you when it happens. I had surgery on mine, but either way I am sure you will do fine and be as good as new after a short time of healing Again, I am so sorry and payers will be coming to you from everywhere. The power of prayers and Sherry's strong positive thoughts will bring you through just fine. Please Jack, keep us posted.

Jean said...

I will keep you and Sherry in my prayers. I hope she doesn't have to have surgery. I wish you a speedy recover Sherry. Keep us updated. Take care. Jean

Sherry said...

Sherry, I will be praying for you and Jack, your love is so honest and true, I wish everyone love each other like the bond Sherry and you share. I pray things go well today..........hugs and love, Sherry

DD said...

Oh, how sorry I am to hear this news. Yes, how quickly things can happen.
I am praying that she heals completely and with no complications. Keep the Faith.

Sending love and prayers, DD

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Prayer are winging your way from the high country....take care of your girl....

ps....i made Misskitty read you post..!!

shirl72 said...

Hard to believe after we had just
finished walking 4 miles. It's
a record when a bone has not been
broken until this age.

Sherry will be in my prayers. I will be careful and not open my
mouth at Church don't need all
them coming over to see you, please
remember her in your prayers. I will let Sherry break the news own
her visit.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for Sherry for healing and strength and prayers for you Jack!

Sheila Y said...

I said a prayer for you both when I first read this last night. I was on my tablet and dozing off quite a bit so I decided to wait until today to comment. I will keep you both in my prayers and hope she doesn't have to have surgery. Praying for a speedy recovery, take care and keep us updated, Love and hugs, Sheila

Debbie said...

I'm so sorry to hear Sherry has been injured and thankful she wasn't hurt much worse. I've said a few prayers for you guys but admit I threw in a few dirty words beforehand as I read this for good measure.

Jack, I know your heart and thoughts were racing a 100 miles a minute when you saw Sherry fall. I'm sure it was hard to write this while whipping tears away. It's moments like this that make us realize our lives can change in a split second.

I hope Sherry's arm can be reset without surgery and no other injuries rear their ugly heads in the next few days. I also hope Mark isn't too hard on himself thinking he's the blame.

Love you guys!

Helen said...

Sending prayers for Sherry and for you.

Anonymous said...

oh !

Sending you strength and patience from across the Atlantic. Many getting well wishes !

Chatty Crone said...

Okay this is weird. I just now got this - after the ones you posted after this one! How can that be? I didn't think I missed a post.

Well I am sorry and pray for a quick mend.


JeanJournal said...

Also praying for a quick mend for Sherry ~ Life chnges sometimes in the 'blink of an eye' as Ma posted a few days ago ~ SOOO enjoy! your website and comments on Ma's blog. ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun ~~`On twitter I put (((When you're falling, you will end up on something to stand...or 'you will be taught to 'fly'.)))) Love you two VERY SPECIAL & BEAUTIFUL ONES! ~ MUCH HAPPINESS! IS STILL AHEAD FOR YOU! ~ BECAUSE ~ GOD IS GOOD! ~ and YOU TWO ARE IN GOOD HANDS!