Sunday, May 6, 2012


Growing up I felt that a man in a garage was an expert on cars. Cars were simple then and a good handy man could fix your car. Even kids 15/16/17 could do a minor over haul, some kids at 16 could do a major overhaul. There were good and bad mech’s but some were hard to spot.

Now? It is a whole different ball game. There is expert trouble shooting and what we used to call in the repair business, ‘Easter-egging’. In other words, guessing. Changing parts, until the problem goes away. 

The Mech who Easter-eggs, will cost you more in the long run.  You will pay for parts you did not really need. While the Expert, using the right trouble shooting equipment, will find and repair the problem much faster and more reasonable. I would say cheaper, but that never happens. LOL

Now, contrary to my early beliefs, Doctors are the same. The problem between the mech and the Doctor is, one costs you money, the other costs you money, but could also maim or kill you. Now that is some serious business. A great personality is  good, but it does not a Dr. make.

I have a problem with today’s assembly line doctoring. I seldom go to the Dr., I even avoid yearly exams, where my love does not. I would sit in the waiting room for an hour to an hour and a half, assuming she was with the Dr. But when I started going back with her, I find she only sees the Dr. for 3 to 8 minutes. The rest is taking vitals, getting undressed and waiting (in a cold room).

It appears to me, this guy picks up the chart at the door, walks in sits for a minute or two while he reviews the vitals (OR WHAT EVER), now in the next two minutes he must make a diagnosis, and prescribe medication.

When I was a kid and burned my hand, the doctor spent more time with me.

Who’s time is more valuable, yours or the doctor’s?  I ask that because I have never had a Doctor see me at the ‘appointed time’.  Is that standard? Sherry’s last appointment we waited an hour and a half.  Only after in the little cubicle with the nurse taking her vitals, did we learn ‘there had been a emergency’.

I walked out on a dentist in Charlotte once, because I had waited 45 mins past my appointment. I wonder If I showed up 45 minutes late, would I be seen, or be charged for missing an appointment?

Just venting….. thanks for coming this way.

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You're right Jack... our time is just as valuable as the doctor's is seeing us. I was once 15 minutes late for an appointment. It was unavoidable. I called to tell them I'd be late. I said if it was a problem, I'd reschedule. They said it wasn't. When I got there I waited another 30-40 minutes. The nurse finally came out and told me the doctor could NOT see me that day or any day because I had been late. She asked me to find another doctor. I kid you not. I was there for BLOOD PRESSURE medication. Imagine how I felt? As for the cars, you're right about mechanics nickel and diming you. My hubby troubleshoots car problems with help of internet and goes in there armed with knowledge. They hate that. take care. Hope Sherry is doing better. she's in my prayers.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree about doctors and I do avoid them. Thankfully my good health has allowed me to do that now for many years. Someday I may need to see one but I don't try to fix what isn't broke. Sherry does need to see them since she has something broken there. Too bad she was left waiting like that. Something could have and should have been said and done for sure. I hope today is good one for you both. It's a chilly morning here but the sun is shining! Take good care!

betty said...

Vent away, Jack. A good mechanic is worth his weight in gold; a good honest mechanic I should say. We had one where we used to live; haven't found one down here yet, but I'm sure with son's Cadillac we will have to soon :)

Doctors! And I've worked for them. I know they have to eliminate a lot of things in making a diagnosis and that's why so much testing at times. I never understand why they can't stay on a schedule though. Its all if they got to the office on time; if they were even just a few minutes late it threw everything off for the rest of the day. I too do not like to wait for doctors and rarely see them. I learned to go for the earliest appointments in the day, better chance of a shorter wait!

enjoy today!


DD said...

I can relate to this post. For different reasons, I tried a new doctor a couple of years ago. First trip (for bloodwork): My waiting in all consist of just under 2 hours. I went all through my secession, then just before I walked out, I ask the doctor if I should expect all of my visits to be as lenghty. He gave me all of the reasons I had to wait, in other words, "expect it, I am a doctor". I said, I did not ask you why I had to wait, just if this is the norm. I left him somewhat frustrated. So was I and never returned. I found another, love him, no lenghty waiting. Comment too long,