Monday, May 14, 2012

Did that really happen?

Ora once told some great stories that happened in her life as an Active duty Army chaplain’s life.  I Love Lucy’s best, they are her early life’s happenings, then there is always Jean and Paula who have some great tales. Not to be out done Betty covered some neat stories of her mom in her early days, not to mention some in the Koda’s.  Who can resist the stories from the North by Mel, Dar and Cher. Then the bus ride stores from the City Mel. Linda May, slips in a story every once in awhile as ‘Miss Kitty’. Yvette, the Cajun, would have some great early tales and many after Katrina, I am sure. (for now she sticks to poetry.)

I have a dear friend, Lindy, who does not blog, but has put some jewels  of her life, in her comments.

I find that I have many friends who are girls, now does that mean I have many Girlfriends? If I missed a regular, I will catch up.

Men are scarce on the net. I always enjoy Robert from over in Athens, that country is in turmoil now. Bucko who has an exciting job in the nuclear field.  Woody who was a ‘COP’ in New York, now has good tales of fishing and entertaining. Oh, cannot forget Fred. I love his tales of the mission fields where he spent much of his life, now good tales from “The Cabin” which he has named “Pomzika” (I think).

The sad thing is we lose internet friends and do not always know what happened to them. I miss Dribbles by Chuck and Just Bill, who departed. Now Dad of the Tomato patch.

I started this because of what happened this morning.  It is Monday Morning, Sherry wanted to go to Hardees with the ‘Old Folk’, but it is raining ‘very hard’. Sooooooo I decided to fix our porridge (oatmeal).

First, I must say, I ate pistachios last night.

I seldom measure anything. This morning I decided to MEASURE (and do things right). I measured out a cup of oatmeal, left it on the counter, got the salt shaker out, holding the plastic measuring spoons. While trying to pop the top on the shaker, everything flew, spilling the salt on the counter,sink and stove & knocking over the oatmeal (my water is now boiling).

I tried to clean up the mess with the dish rag. Gave up and got the vacuum. While vacuuming, I noticed a Pistachio hull (thinking, I must have dropped one last night). Huh, uh. trying to move the vacuum, I had knocked over the trash can.  (I had re-measured the cup of oat meal, and stirred it in). While I am cleaning up, it nearly boils over, and I upset the trash can again.

Don’t you just love being alive so these things can happen? LOL

Nite Shipslog


BUT, Everything is okay, I just helped my girl put  her Bra on!!!!!

I did not take advantage, acted very professional. hahahahahahahahaha 


I feel like these cars:

23232323 1914_Ricottis_Alfa_Torpedo

Not knowing what I am?

Iowa muddy road

Not knowing if I would get out of this or not.


And feeling a little silly like these two!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, it is great to be alive and tell about the mess ups...I try to laugh a lot and I do laugh at myself every day at least once, probably more. I realize there aren't many men bloggers, and that is a shame. You guys have a lot to say. I know Sherry appreciates your help Jack, but you didn't really have to tell about that one. It did give me a chuckle though, so I suppose she'll forgive you that one. It's a bright and beautiful day in Ohio. I got out side a bit this morning but am headed now to the dungeon...otherwise know as my basement.

shirl72 said...

I agree with Ma don't tell personal

Did we ever have the rain. Sherry
was right not to go out in the
rain and get her cast wet. Glald
she is getting better.

Sorry about you mess, but glad you
got ic cleaned up. Don't measure
just mix and cook.


shirl72 said...

I believe I need to retype my
comments speaking of messing up.
Should have read before clicking
publish. I just wanted you to
feel better.


Chatty Crone said...

Well I think it is great when a man can blog - talk - gain friends. And he or anyone can laugh at the oatmeal adventure. To me it means a long and prosperous life - to be able to talk and laugh. I do know that there are not a lot of men out there. ???


Lucy said...

Jack, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall with the oatmeal episode. I got good news at the orthopedist today. I got sprung but with some new things to finish the process. I do hope Sherry is doing well.

Sheila Y said...

Don't you just love those kind of days...hope you didn't say any bad words out loud.... Cori asked me once when she was little, 'is it okay to say bad words in your head?' I said, 'yes, as long as I don't hear them come out of your mouth.'
We had alot of rain this morning too. Take care, Sheila

Paula said...

Was your day "being all thumbs"? I spent the week-end in the beautiful hill country.

Anonymous said...

Once I returned home three times, forgetting one thing after the other, while remembering each, shortly after leaving again ... Please have you all a good Tuesday.


Life is FULL of it, sometimes. You have to keep a sense of humor. I was just thinking of Chuck, the other day, after I heard about Dad's passing. I loved stopping by both their blogs. They are dearly missed. No more clumsy moments with oatmeal, ok. You started a chain reaction. LOL Take care. Hope Sherry is on the mend.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I could write a book of all the screw ups I've been involved in. The only reason that I don't is that people would try to put me in a home.

I guess it happens to the best of us, though.


Anonymous said...

Shirl is on to something with the "don't measure just cook" comment.
I make hubby's porridge this easy way every weekday morning. Pour water to about half full in a Corelle bowl. Pour quick oats right in the middle until the mountain of oats almost comes up to the level of the water (sort of like Mount Ararat while it was still submerged). Nuke for 1 minute. Stir. Nuke 20 more seconds (in my 1200 watt microwave).
Easy peasy.

betty said...

LOL; I can see the morning adventures with this spilling and that tumbling over. But you did try to make breakfast and that was a good thing. Poor Shirley, she's having trouble getting out to Hardee's; hopefully next Monday everything will work out good so that she can get there to visit your friends :)

thanks for the shout out :)


Dar said...

Life is a story, of which you have sooooo many, and darn good ones, my friend. My love and prayers for you and Sherry, always. You sure made another great read all because of the oatmeal...LOL, sorry, couldn't help myself. I could just hug the both of ya., (((U and Your Sherry))) hugs from way up here in God's country.

Dar said...

That car, the one stuck in the mud?~~~Dad once told us about how his Mama used to put the petal to the metal to get through mud like that while hauling crates of eggs to town to sell...not many made it until she started to wrap the crates in clothes. Thought you aughta know, is all.

Ken Riches said...

A clever ploy to stay out of the meal making business :o)