Tuesday, April 20, 2021

What they said…

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1963 Thunderbird

 For today:

I enjoyed a short video that Nana Diana put on her blog of what her grand (Sweet Cheeks, methinks) said. It was concerning the crucifixion and Easter. I remember very well the Art Linkletter program, “Kids say the Darndest things.” And once you have had children and grandchildren it becomes so apparent.

Once Grandson Ben came to our house, he was visiting from Utah and had met a new friend. The friend has a REAL Southern accent. Ben came in talking ‘sorta’ like Jeremy. Sherry said, “What is with your speech Ben?”

“Oh Grandma Ah’m jest tryyyin to fi-ut iun! (meaning: ‘I’m just trying to fit in!’)”  He was serious.  We cracked up.

We have one granddaughter. I am sure you will understand this, “She was the best, the sweetest and prettiest granddaughter ANYONE ever had.” (OF COURSE!!!! But you see, when I say it, it is TRUE!  LOL)

Once after eating a bowl of ice cream she said, “I eat it all gone!”  We still say that many times when we clean our plate or bowl.

You know I could go on and on about things we remember, I am sure you can.  There is something about the openness when kids speak. I think I have heard it referred to as ‘they have no filters built in yet,’ that is probably a good explanation.

Anyway that was on my mind. To be honest like most families I could give a thousand examples, but Sherry is getting older and I can’t remember any!) Do you have any that jump out to you!

Y’all take care.

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Mevely317 said...

I used to love that Art Linkletter show! How cute, Sherece's statement, "I eat it all gone." 😁
The only thing that sticks out? Years ago when son took his first-born to the Mall to find her momma a Christmas gift. He gave Sarah a dollar bill to put in the Salvation Army kettle and didn't think anything more about it. Until: Coming back out an hour or so later, Sarah broke away from her dad and ran over to the bell ringer. "Can I have my dollar bill back now?"

betty said...

So cute with your granddaughter saying "I eat it all gone." My now 40 year old niece when she tried something new and she didn't like it would say "one time be enough". Kids really indeed have no filters but they give us plenty of laughs, don't they?


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Indeed, they have no filter. I know some grown ups like that.

God bless you all.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Kids do say the darnest things. I wish I'd thought to write them all down, But they are honest and say it all. Sometimes we haerve to watch what we say around them too. There are no secrets as far as they are concerned, They tell it all!

yaya said...

Too funny! We were laughing remembering some of the things our boys came up with. Too many to name here but one that makes me smile was when a little neighbor girl had a crush on our oldest boy and his younger brother told him "That Emily, she gots a big head". Now if we notice someone with a large cranium we quietly say "They gots a big head"...guess you had to be there! Ha!

Lisa said...

It’s not only the kids. Years ago, when my daughter signed up for her college classes, she was so excited to get into an anatomy class as an elective. I asked, “Why anatomy?” She said, “thats where you learn about the stars and planets”....”right?”. I laughed so hard and said, “No dear, that’s “Astrology”. She learned some things she didn’t expect that year.

Oh theres more too.

Dar said...

I love how their minds work. My Grandlove, Noah was licking his finger and rubbing my thumb when he said "Gran'ma, you have 'durt', referring to a couple dime sized age spots. Like most of us, we wish we'd written them all down. My nephew said he wanted to be a 'sucker' when he grew up, meaning the septic guy. We laughed under our breath but also encouraged. Kids do say the darnest things....loved Linkletter!
loven'hugs from up north where the sun is shining for the first time in days.