Friday, April 2, 2021

Buried Treasure

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

I'd love to dig up one of these!

For today:

Pirate’s treasure haunted my little mind for years after reading stories of pirates. Then after hearing of those ‘metal detectors’ for years I wanted one (never got one).

I hear of treasure hunters who frequent yard sales and bargain stores and find pictures, toys, plates etc worth $$$$$. On the Many lots and land I have bought I have dug up things I recognized, but nothing of value. The last discoveries were antique car window mechanics and bed springs, so rusted they were of no use. And then there are the many ‘old’ bottles I dug up.

Son Mark is known to look up things and their value on the net. For instance some drink bottles. “Hey dad this one is worth $5.”  Probably so, but for it to be of real valuable, you must have a buyer.

I have a dear friend, Daisy.  He son is a professor and a REAL archeologist. I did some volunteer work in her home. She has some vases and ‘things’ he has dug up from all over the world,  that are worth more than her house, but her son gave them to her and that is worth more than the $$  she could get from sales.”  BTW Daisy is 94 and says she has all she needs.

She and her sweet sister of 92 are two of the sweetest girls you could ever know.

I have been thinking. I have never taken part in a real archeological dig, but if I did, I think I would prefer to dig in the USA. Maybe in the upper mid-west.

The digs in Egypt and the Holy Lands are interesting, but I think I would like to know more of what is buried in the USA.  We visited a ‘dig’ near Williamsburg, VA. It is interesting what they found there, but to me, if invited to help, I would be thrilled to work in a dig in Montana.

I know Archeologists dig in all countries BUT do scientists dig in every state? 

This one ain't my cup a tea, just sayin'.

No matter, would you like to dig? Does it interest you? If so Where?   



Glenda said...

Currently, I am digging into my "storage area". I found six vintage electrical insulators; shot a pic to my bro Kenecon, the electrician par extraordinaire, to see if he wanted them. "Nope," was the answer. They are valued at $15.oo each, he said "NO, thank you. Post and sell them", so I will. Mark Darnell took my call today and said he would put me on his schedule to do some work here in a week or so!!! I am so happy about that! Life is good, GOD is Great and people are crazy...sounds like a country song! Love you and yours, Jack and Sherry ~ to the moon!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I was involved in a historical dig in the UK and I was there when they found King Henry the Eighth cell phone.

Happy Easter. God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't did much digging at all but sometimes I feel like I'm excavating my mind. I wonder where it went. Lately I'e misplace a couple of things. My house is small but I can't find them anywhere. Where or where did my mind go? I figure that sooner of later they will show up in the least expected of places. It will be like ind ing a buried treasure when I do find them.

Mevely317 said...

My mother was like Mark. I think there's still a newspaper clipping around here (that) she saved about old hotel ashtrays becoming valuable. Just in case, I've a box full that she and my dad 'collected' throughout their travels.

Were I to dig, I think I might start in Los Alamos. Perhaps in my old backyard.