Saturday, April 24, 2021

 Weather and dispositions

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 Hotchkiss Grégoire, French only 247 made this was a 1951 model

For today:

Weather does affect my disposition a little, but not a lot. I know folks who are DOWN in the dumps with weather that is not sunny, nice and warm. Sherry does get a little down with a LOT of rain and cold, but she stays pleasant.  I do fine if I can get somewhere to write, work, read or play.

I was thinking today if I were to describe my nature or disposition in terms of weather, I would have to say sunny with thunderstorms.  I get upset at myself when things go wrong that I had control over.  I have known a few people whose nature was strictly sunny. My mama, Brother Junior and older sister Kat, were like that.  They never lost his temper around me, LOL and that is saying something. Dad, Odis and Shirl expressed irritation at times.

I did some shopping today in the rain and was shocked that so many other people were out there slogging around.  I whistle a lot when I am out in the rain.  I have two feral cats that are still around here. Tiger one and Tiger two. They get underfoot and I must watch it on the stairs. They are loving the basement in the rain. When we are here I fix them a way to get in and out of the basement. They go out to do their business and come right back in. I dry them off sometimes.

Are you a sunny day person no matter the weather?  I really try to be, but I get a little upset when something bad or irritating happens that I could have prevented. Like leaving a bag of concrete exposed to rain, when I should have had it inside. 

I call myself STUPID (out loud) a lot when I forget something that commonsense would have prevented.

I even forgot to make coffee last night, first time in over a year methinks.

Anyway, smile (or try to) Things will work out. (I try to remember that. LOL) Thanks for stopping by our house here in North Carolina.



betty said...

Sweet you have the two feral cats that come around. I still remember fondly Stormy Daniels whenever I see a stray in the neighborhood.

I can handle a few cloudy days but if they go beyond three or four I get a bit down. I like bright sunshine, even if it is cold. Rather have bright sunshine and cold than warm and cloudy.

I can get a bit moody at times, not weather related, just life related. However, most if not all mornings I wake up in a pretty good mood :)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Indeed, the weather does affect some people. Here sometimes we can get all four Seasons in one day. Right now it is sunny but still very cold.

I have known it to reach up to 25* Celsius in the shade. But I was clever and did not stay in the shade.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am affected by the weather more than I like. I am definitely a sunny day person. I try to remember we can always make our own sunshine no matter what the weather,, but it doesn't always work out. Gloomy days tend to get me down a lot. I tend to hibernate all winter long.I stay in a fog until Spring returns and then wake up and enjoy the sunny weather and longer day!

Mevely317 said...

Maybe because we lived so long in the Land of the Unrelenting Sun ... but I find myself coveting Alabama's gray, rainy weather. 'Have to admit, a large part of that is being retired and not having to drive in it.

Now go figure, Tom's the opposite. He's definitely affected by that S.A.D. stuff.

PS - Be careful on those steps with the kitties around. I've come close to breaking my neck when our dogs get between my feet.