Sunday, April 11, 2021

OUR EYE OPENER of the Appalachian Trail..


Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


Sherry was born and this Packard was new in 1937 when the AT was completed and ready for hikers. The idea was born in 1921 by Benton McCay.

For today:

YEP, after our successful 2 week trial, we were sure we were ready. So we checked around where we could store our car during our LONG HIKE. Ellijay Georgia was good. (Informed them we would be gone months!!!!) Then took a shuttle to the southern Terminus of the AT, Springer Mountain. We were all set, raring to go.

WE knew we would have to fly back or maybe take the bus after we finished the trail LOL.. Little did we know…

There are hiker shelters scattered along the trail, we passed up the first one and hiked on to a good spot for a tent and fire. We were doing good. Set up our tent and gathered wood for a fire. We ate Ramein noodles. I spotted a black bear about 100 feet off. I told Sherry and all she saw was ears and that was enough. I figured I would need a fire all night so I gathered a bunch then looked in the tent and she was already asleep. LOL

We learned our speed was about 8 miles a day. Down south in the smaller mountains there are very few switch backs you walk a good bit on straight trails up and down. We learned we approach hills differently. I prefer up, Sherry prefers down. 

Sherry atop Blood Mountain

Blood Mountain was a tough mountain in Georgia, just after it we hitched a ride into town got a motel, checked for supplies, ate a real meal and had a bath.

Stumbling and hurting a little, we made it back to STANDING INDIAN MOUNTAIN AND WERE BEAT!!! Crossing the last creek I was in front. I heard an ‘ooooh’ behind me and turned to see Sherry falling backwards into the creek. The girl got wet. We rented a space in the camp ground; dried out our clothes, took a bath then had a long talk. Standing Indian was the start and ending of our first hike, we had made it about 100 miles.  WE CALLED for a shuttle to take us back to get the car. Then we headed back to Belmont with our tails between our legs… BUT we had gotten a taste of nature's beauty and friendships on the trail, we would be back….

So if I solo hike, reach and pass Standing Indian I will feel good. LOL

We needed a better way to cook, better feet support and realized it was not just a WALK IN THE WOODS, it was gonna be a real challenge!

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Chatty Crone said...

I am sharing your story with my daughter.
You are a great story teller - I feel I am right there.
I know you went back.

betty said...

At least you didn't give up after those 100 miles. You knew what you needed and you went back to the "drawing board" so to speak and came up with a new plan to "get the job done."


Lisa said...

Love your hiking stories.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

What a lovely holiday you had. Energetic.

God bless.

Woody said...

You an Sherry have walked a lot and sounds like you still do walk ! I would never have made that 100 mile Trek like you 2 did, I did walk on the AT when we were somewhere up in the Mountains in Virginia. I actually did walk about 25 feet up North and 25 feet Back South on it ! Even got a Picture !!!! Could not Imagine what you 2 went thru hiking it ! Went from 70's yesterday an Shorts to 50's today and Jacket and Pants ! You 2 take care, Love, Gary an Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I congratulate on doing those 100 lilies. That does sound like a challenge. Knowing there were bear in the woods, I probably wouldn't sleep a wink. You both are much better hikers than I am. I hope you take your time and lots of the breaks to a motel and a bath. Might as well plan them into your agenda. You don't want to wear yourself out.

Mevely317 said...

Great example of regrouping once 'Plan A' didn't turn out like you thought! The way in which you're telling thus story is so compelling. But hearing about the bear sighting makes me wonder -- are hikers permitted to carry/use firearms for self-defense purposes?

Susan Kane said...

What adventures! I am impressed with you both. Where to next?

yaya said...

I love your adventures and you really tell a good story! I won't have to do the hike, just live through you two! Fun and good pics!

Glenda said...

WOW!!! You two are amazing!!! From your descriptions, I can almost see your trail climb. Those photos are great, so enjoyed this post, Love and Hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Dar said...

I love your adventures and you tell it so well. Bear sightings don't bother me so much just so long as you don't get between Mama Bear and her cubs...keep the stories coming. love them all
loven'hugs from up north where, yup, we had snow today