Saturday, April 17, 2021

Some things you NEVER forget

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


 Future VW concept car NILS

For today:

This morning I woke up singing ‘The Wayward Wind’, when I say singing a song, I mean one or two lines (over and over). That is all I know of most songs. I attribute it to me being a trumpet player. To follow a singer or group you only know the notes and key, not the words because you cannot sing and play at the same time. Piano and guitar players can sing along and require words, or you will be embarrassed.

Case in point: I was asked to sing in a Trio (HONEST!) for a Christmas play. We were to be the ‘Three Kings’. Practice went perfect. But the day of the play, I was nervous. WE approached the manger, the other two Airmen (A/1C George Coleman and Flavous Matheny) sang their parts. My time, I sang out loud and strong, “Myrrh is Mine……..  then quieted down (mind blank) and continued, dah de dah, de dum da de da etc for the entire verse, I could not SHUT UP!  For years we received Christmas cards from my peers, “MERRY CHRISTMAS (dah dah de dah!)” But they got old and cheap, so I don’t get the cards any more.  They did get a laugh. I certainly remember it.

I started following Victor whatshisname and enjoy his wit, wisdom and craziness. Today he mentioned reflections. Hey being a preacher’s kid I know the teaching: “live so others will see Jesus in you”, Vic was speaking of what you see in a mirror, WHAT DO YOU SEE?”

Away from the spiritual, Do you know your left from your right in a mirror? I thought of an experience I will NEVER forget concerning mirrors. WE see ourselves and things in mirrors and it is so common we forget the reflection is backwards. We in the NEW World, know that folks in the United Kingdom drive on the WRONG side of the road. I am here to tell you that in London you could get run over looking to the left for oncoming traffic as you start to cross the street, when the oncoming traffic is from the right (I think). LOL


ABOVE: One picture is real the other is a mirror image.  Is that his left hand or his right hand. Now is the car coming around you on your left or right?  I couldn't find a picture to show what I saw on my rear view camera.

NOW to the rest of the story. My ‘back up camera’ on the coach died; I replaced it. There is a switch that reads: IMAGE: ‘REAL and MIRRORED?”. I decided I wanted real. BIG MISTAKE, I am so used to mirror images to the rear  that I almost had a wreck, REAL is confusing, REALLY! I reset it to Mirror-image ASAP!

Are you REALly confused yet?

Nite Shipslog

PS: That REAL REAR VIEW still confuses me that I could not adjust TO IT, you must experience it to understand methinks.



Woody said...

Interesting Post, I have trouble with backing up now, I look in the rear view mirror and have to slowly look and back up with My Honey watching me, after the stroke I get confused looking backwards, I had to relearn to park, back up and do a K-Turn ! It has turned cold again, 40's, snow up in the Mountains, gonna be in low 30's coming week. Might have to mow in Long Johns and gloves !!!LoL !!! Take Care, sending down love from the cooler North, Gary an Anna Mae !

betty said...

I personally hate backing out of a parking spot LOL. Even if I have to walk a bit, I try to find a space I can pull all the way into, facing out, so I can just pull out and not back out :) Now I am confused with images in a mirror. I thought I figured out what hand the guy was holding out, but I'm not 100% sure I'm correct.

Too funny with you forgetting the words to the song :) I think everyone knows the first verse of We Three Kings, but after that its all dah dah de dah :)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Yes I understand what you mean about mirrors, and mirror images. I have solved that by looking at the mirror in total darkness. That way it does not matter whether it is real view or mirror image. Another way is to look at the mirror upside down. Try it. Look at yourself in the mirror; then turn the mirror upside down. You'll note that your image has not turned upside down although the mirror has! Crazy or what?

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I didn't have a backup camera for years and used the rearview and side view mirrors on the car to back up safely. Still do ...haven't gotten used to that backup image yet. Still it's nice to have and know someone short isn't right behind the car. Funny how we do depend on mirrors of one kind or another, but we we rarely like what we see when we look at the mirror refection of ourselves.

Mevely317 said...

Ma just nailed it with her last sentence!

I'm embarrassed to admit, I had to ask Tom to explain the 'rear' or 'mirrored' concept. (Ya, I'm slow that way.) AND, I still hate having to rely on those dang mirrors, both when I'm changing lanes or backing up.

PS - I remember that story of "We Three Kings" and it still makes me laugh. 🤣

Chatty Crone said...

My daughter's car has this wonderful back up camera - wish I did!
Looking at our face in a mirror was my bible study lesson this week - or part of it - it's hard.

Dar said...

I've never liked what I see in a mirror, until recently. I realize after all these years, that the image I see is exactly what God meant me to see. I've learned to live with myself. We have a triple mirror in the bathroom that the grandloves Love to pull all of them around their face to see how many images they, now that would be enough to scare this ol' gal. lol We have a back-up mirror in our truck but I still use my rear view and the side mirrors or turn and look over my shoulder just to be sure. I guess I still don't trust the new-fangled one. Always interesting read, Jack.
love n' hugs from up north where it's raining now but will turn to snow by we go again.