Monday, April 12, 2021

Dogs, Chilly Willie & Just Ray of the Appalachian Trail

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


This probably cool today, maybe if I was 16 I might think so. Every generation has it's fads. THIS ONE is expensive. You can't work at Micky D's and afford this.... LOL

For today:

Some incidences on the trail stick out in our minds. Once we met an Engineer who was supervising the building of a sky scraper in Charlotte, NC. He and his wife were out for a week’s relaxation. They were accompanied by their two dogs with packs. The next day Sherry were hiking along thinking we were alone we were alone. When all of a sudden those two dogs with their packs passed us, we looked for the owners they were nowhere in sight. WE laughed out loud. I said, “I am sure glad we know they belong to a couple or it would look as if the two dogs are hiking the trail together.”

This is a picture of what looks like a big poodle, she belongs to an ER nurse named Stacia:


We passed and were passed by a hiker and his 60 lb dog ‘Mieshka’. WE spent the night at the same shelter. It was a little wet out when we stopped for the night. During the morning some time I had to get up to water the trees.  When I returned to the shelter in the dark and started to climb back into my sleeping bag, there was Mieshka inside. I didn’t’ blame him he was wet the bag was warm. I asked him to get out and I climbed in.  The next morning we all had a good laugh about it.

Sherry reading the shelter log. Most hikers sign the log and many make comments.

I have many months to make the final decision to do a solo thru hike of the AT. I am thinking of the many hikers we met. Most were your normal people who wanted to accomplish something a little off the board. Thinking out of the box, that is a term that fits most ‘thru-hikers’ I guess.

We did meet an older couple like us, they were also full time RV’ers. Like us at the time, they were ‘section hiking’ in the summer. WE met them a few summers. She was called Chilly Willie and it was her idea to hike the trail. Her husband did not want a trail name but got one anyway when he kept saying, I’m just Ray, So hikers started referring to them as ‘Chilly Willie and Just Ray’. It has been many years they still call and She and Sherry exchange greetings cards. They never got to finish the trail either.



Chatty Crone said...

You and Sherry did the whole trail once - how long did it take? And you want to do it alone now?

betty said...

Its neat you still keep in touch with Just Ray and Chilly Willie!! And too funny with the dog who was in your sleeping bag! That will teach you to get out of something warm!! I bet you and Sherry enjoy talking about your adventures from the trail and remember them fondly!


Lisa said...

It’s getting exiting! I cant wait to hear about your “Solo Journey”, I also see another book in the future.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You hace so many wonderful memories and thankfully should make more. Hope you get to do it and enjoy it. It will be different going it alone, but sometimes alone time is what we need.


such wonderful stories you have about the AT. i especially like this one about the dogs. they are special creatures, indeed.

Mevely317 said...

Like Betty said, it's SO NEAT that you keep in touch with Chilly Willie and Just Ray. So clever of Mieshka to seek comfort in your sleeping bag. (What?, you didn't want to share? LOL.)

Your comment "...normal people who wanted to accomlish something a little off the board." makes sense. That's Something I'd not given any thought.

Dar said...

If I remember right, Jack, you have around 100 miles to finish the AT hike...I thought I read that once. Whatever you do, do be careful. Our bones break easier now. Just stay safe. I love the dog crawled in your sleeping pup.
loven'hugs from up north where the winds are so cold for a few days with that icy ' S ' word