Friday, February 10, 2017

A picture, A mental picture

We try to walk every day 1-3 miles. On our second walk here I noticed something I had never paid attention to, as I remember. A Frog pond.  Or that is what I called it.

There was one like that about 3 blocks from our house in Burlington, NC. It was close to a lumber yard. I can remember it because there were frogs on what we called Lilly pads. I still do not know if that was what they were. But at 7 years old, I sure wanted to get in that water with the frogs. LOL

I ran into Toby on my walk. Ever since I heard Paula talk about Toby in her  back yard, I call every big land turtle 'Toby'. I named a book Toby And Paula furnished the poems for Toby.

 The trail went by the rubbish piles, debris from the last hurricane. My attention was drawn to the bright RED flowers emerging thru the ugly piles to place beauty of red on the top of dead branches. It was more striking, but I could not get the light right.
 I always enjoy the do-dads or yard decorations of RV'ers. BUT the most popular yard decoration by far is the Flag of the USA.
  It is hard to take a picture and not get a couple flags in the frame.
Disney characters are very popular also.

 And then there is 'tire Art'. The red hen is make from an old tire.
Sky writing is popular in the Orland Area. Three planes up today. But the wind isn't cooperating.
That is our walk. Near Orlando.

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 The Flower VW, compliments of Bonnie 'Organic Discoruse


Paula said...

Thank you for sharing the cute art with us. Some people are so artistic with anything. I saw the cutest wishing well made out of stacked tires and poles on each side with a little shed. All painted green. I should stop and get permission to take a picture of it. I don't remember where I saw it but I'll pass it again sometime, I bet.

shirl72 said...

Love art the Volkswagen looks like it ran through a field of flowers.
I love to decorate yards don't do as much as in did the past. I have a nice
side and back yard. We could have decorated the Isetta with the flowers.

shirl72 said...

PS: I tried to correct my mistakes but it would not let me. I am so tired
my mind is running slow and trying to shut down it has been a busy day.

betty said...

I like all the flags on display; very patriotic! Always enjoy when you share your walks with us :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always enjoy your walks. Thanks for taking us along.

Lisa said...

What a fun and interesting walk. I have seen frogs and I have seen lily pads but never seen a frog on a lily pad. I always wanted a little pind in my back yard for frogs, turtles and gold fish.
Never been big on Disney Charactors but Mickey is my favorite. Though I have never been to Disney World.

On my way to walk too.


Love turtles. They are sweet creatures. Crazy for that old love bug planter, though.

Mevely317 said...

Isn't the resiliency of nature something? Those cheerful red blooms atop the branches ... nice. Alpha and Omega.

2023 said...

Love the arty red hen. I should do more walking.

Unknown said...

Nice walk. I can imagine a 7-year-old wanting to get in the water with the frogs. Sounds like fun to me, too.

Glenda said...

Love this entry. I can relate to a number of things :)
We have tree frogs her in Chobee, still don't like 'em jumping on my patio doors and leaving footprints.
Love the flags!!!

Dar said...

Gotta agree of the love of a frog pond and lily pads. We have some of that where the water runs still in the creek. Love it. Also am fond of the yard art having antique trikes in one flower garden and an ancient pedal bike with it's basket and bike key that gets decorated each summer with potted petunias in the the flags. We fly a big one on a 50 ft. pole too.
Love n' hugs from up north where the guys are putting the last couple days in with their logging project and I'm still fighting with this bronchitis and making meals.