Friday, February 3, 2017

Labor with love

Pictures are random from My Pictures. I have not developed a cover for the 'Johnny Book'.

I am writing a novel, my 11th book. I really like my own writing. I read somewhere that If you don't like your own writing, do not expect anyone else to. LOL. It will take 3-5 months from start to publication. Many hours for me and as many hours for the proof readers. The last proofers: Evelyn, Sherry and JoAnn seldom find errors, well seldom more than 5 a page. LOL  They make me look good! This one I have declared will have NO mistakes or errors. (Okay maybe two!).... Bonnie (Organic Discourse), who comments here also knows because she proofed one of my books, and made me look good also. LOI have published the last couple books in ‘Large’ print. ’16 pt’ font. It is easy for kids to read, no matter their age.  I will try to keep this book to 200 pages. Funny that. 3 months work minimum, and hopefully it will give someone 5-8 hours of pleasure to read it. That makes me happy.

And then I devour a book by my favorite authors:  Jack Higgins, Clancy, Baldacci, Archer, Ludlum, Cussler, Follett, Grisham and many more, while doing so, I do it without a thought of the time they spent to provide me with the enjoyment.

                         NC Mountain stream

It is the nature of the business.  To them it is love and a business. They have become wealthy from a labor they love.  Of course it is the dream of any fledgling author to be discovered and see their books become best sellers and a movie. I share that dream of course, but  I KNOW it is actually a one in a BILLION chance. HEY, I will win the lottery first, but that won’t be a bad second place, huh?

This is my forth or fifth life, I am a lucky dude.  I have enjoyed ALL my lives. The life just before this one, was most enjoyable. Most homes I built took about the same amount of time it takes to write and publish a book. A buyer paid much more for the house than for one of my books, but they can enjoy it for many years if they so desire. I pass houses I built in North Carolina when there. A few are still owned by the original buyer. Some of those have taken the time to tell me they appreciate the workmanship and durability of the home.

 (RR tracks in Mt Bell NC, referred to in the book RAGS. He arrived into town walking these tracks)

I have tried to take my mentor’s advice. Accept compliments with grace (but add a grain of salt), And Always take criticism seriously.  I do.

Now in closing, THANK YOU for taking the time to visit.

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 The '55 Vette. It will always be the dream car of many boys and girls from that era.


betty said...

How exciting you are working on your 11th book! It takes a lot to get a book written and published, no matter how an author chooses to pursue that, self published, publishing company, etc. The fact that you have 10 previous ones is indeed an accomplishment!!


Lisa said...

You amaze me Jack! I would love to write a book. I wouldnt know where to start. The only thing I could make a story out of would be my own life but even that would be all over the place. Though I could tell it, I would not be able to word it.
Cant wait to read your next book. Hopefully if will be ready in time for my vacation beach read in August.

Keep writing

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Building seems to play a big part in your life. Just like you built a church and many homes now you are building stories. Labors of love are the best! It's ok to dream, we never know just when they'll come true, but I've found that they usually do. The old song comes to mind...building castles in the sand...

Glenda said...

Your books are some of my favorites, especially those that are autographed! As I begin my packing, everything gets sorted in to "keep or not" and yours are likely the only ones I'll pay storage for!!!
Hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Mevely317 said...

Great analogy between your labors of love, Jack! Once in a while I used to daydream about becoming an author, but probably couldn't handle the rejection letters. (*smile*)
Then, once you're a best-seller, your publisher's pushing for the next and the next. I've no personal experience, but enjoy following the blog of (best-selling) author J.A. Jance. (
Early on, I wrote her about something or another - and before the day was out, I'd a personal response. (Yes, she answers all her mail personally.) We go hear her speak every time she's in Phoenix, and once, had an opportunity to hear Jeffrey Deaver speak. (He's a hoot!)

Sorry to prattle on so long. I can't wait to read your 11th!

PS - 'Never thought I'd come to this, but yep I'm appreciating the LARGE font.


Good luck as you work on this book. Every word a writer writes is a labor of love.