Monday, February 13, 2017

That fine print!

Most folk in the civilized world have heard the term, make sure you read the fine print. Let me tell you something, I have seen so much fine print I have started ignoring it.  Probably one day to my detriment. In our search for a home in Florida I once bid on a house over the internet. There was 31 pages of ‘what if’s’ in fine print. Since I did not have an attorney to blame it on, I read them all.  It took a while.

I have sold many houses and bought lots of land. I trusted the attorney’s representing me to ‘know’ if the fine print was dangerous.  So I have signed too many documents that said ‘I have read and understand all the fine print’. Because as my attorney explained ‘I represent you, and will let you know if you really need to read the fine print or not.’

Today I read some fine print and saved myself about $8.00

We do not own a Fit-Bit type of gadget. They are too complicated for our OLD (young) minds. However we have several pedometers. At times I will hang two on my belt to compare them at the end of a walk. There is sometimes a difference of 500 steps when we walk in the area of three miles. I do have enough sense to know these are fallible, so a difference of 5-10% doesn’t bother me.

 I had one pedometer that was registering 413 when the other measured 5,688. The same comparison happened two days in a row.  So I am getting ready to throw it in the trash when I put on my glasses to read the very tiny digits on the face. I also noticed a decimal, it was 4.13 not 413. The fine print read ‘km’, KILOMETERS!! NOT STEPS. So it was reading right, but I had accidentally selected KM instead of steps. So I won’t throw it away.

I learned that there are times that fine print is important to ME! It is the simplest Pedometer we have and I really like the little dude. It was saved by finally reading the fine print.

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betty said...

This was a great example of reading the small print :) Hubby deals in his job with having to read contracts for purchasing and making sure he reads the fine print, so when we shop for things like cars, houses, etc., he's the one reading the fine print. I'm the one saying "if you agree with it, I'll sign it." I rarely read the small print :)


Lisa said...

Ah that fine print! I hate it. I never read it unless the big print seems to good to be true.
Hope you and Sherry Have a Wonderful Valentines Day !
Eat the chocolate but dont read the fine print!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Lots of fine print coming my way lately. With an offer made but still pending it seems there will be more too. I used to us a pedometer to track my steps but never could measure up to the 10,000 that they say we should take every day. Carefully reading the fine print does often save the day !

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Almost forgot to add -- Happy Valentines Day to the sweetest couple I know!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Valentine's Day! sandie

Mevely317 said...

That's cute, Jack! All these whiz-bang gizmo's are something else.
My former boss - who divides her time between Old Fort, NC and Hudson, FL - received a handheld GPS a few years back. She and her hubby were hiking in the NC hills one day when the GPS began buzzing ... showing she and Ralph were presently at 30-some thousand feet altitude! Turns out, the signal latched onto a jet passing overhead.

Happy Valentine's Day!


i used to wear a magnifying glass around my neck like a necklace just for fine print.