Thursday, February 23, 2017

Johnny, The trail and trials

Okay here it is. The Proof copy of Johnny, The Trail and Trials.
A BLUE book. I have stated it really needs no Proofing, it is slick. But just to follow standard protocol I will let the proofers read it first for enjoyment. LOL

Just to trim my tail and wing feathers, my girl found the first error within the first six lines. That doesn't bode well.

However I am sure that is the ONLY error. OK there may be others, but the story is good and the print is LARGE! I think I can still change the name since it is not officially published. I also want to do something with the cover. If I cannot make the photo larger I will go with another format altogether.

Any comments about the Cursive on the cover? I thought it would be a good idea, but now that I see it, I am not sure.

I do a lot of second guessing, but I still have time.
 (Time to smell the flowers)

Anyway I am excited that it is at the proof stage. I cannot believe  it came so fast.

I won't hold you, thanks for stopping by, I just wanted to brag on Johnny.

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Mevely317 said...

Yay!!! First, I love the cursive. That's a cute young man in the photo, too. (Anyone in particular?)
I'm excited to read this, Jack. Thanks for the large print!


I LOVE the cursive too. Do you have to get Johnny's permission to use his photo throughout?

betty said...

I too like the cursive; makes the cover look really good! Congrats on how this is all coming together!


Rick Watson said...

This is an exciting stage Jack. I thought my last book was pretty tight but the first three people who edited it sent it back to me bleeding in red correction marks.
Let me know when you release it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like the cover just as it is, cursive and all. It does seem amazing that you are to this point already. Glad you have some good proofers there.

Lisa said...

I just don't understand how one does this. Writes a book while traveling and remodeling a home at the same time. Not to mention a steady blogger.

I think the cursive is the most attractive part.
I'm excited for you.

You amaze me.

Dar said...

Kudos on the cursive. It's beautiful as we all agree. Congrats on finishing so quickly. You are amazing as Lisa says. So busy yet time to write a book. You are something else. You go after your dreams. I need to try that.
love from up north where it's winter again.

Paula said...

Wow! Finished already. It looks great, like everyone else I don't see how you do so much and all at the same time.

2023 said...

I don't think Sherry's error find bodes poorly. You do so much that you have a few more errors. Some have no errors because they've not tried to do virtually anything in so long. Taken in that context.... And who better to find it than Sherry, who was surely kind about it...