Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Our Picture window

 Every home I have built us has had what I grew up calling a 'picture window' in the den or living room area. Sherry and I have lived in Motor homes since 1998, I think. Here I call our windshields, our picture window.

The big difference is our view keeps changing. Sherry has been following our Grands, Josh and Megan lately. They are in Colorado and posting pictures at the 'Garden of the Gods' and Pike's Peak.

Heading to see our Grandson and his daughter in Utah we stopped by the Denver area. but for a couple days the rocky mountains were in our picture window. After a week in Denver we headed out. Normally we go North to Wyoming and  over to Utah. That last trip we decided to bite the bullet and climb the Rockies on I-70.

I am glad we did. The views from our picture windows were beautiful, some fantastic.

This is our view now. LOL  Camouflage netting that I have strung so the motor home will not be so intrusive to our neighbors.This post came up because of this picture:

Note Sherry's roses are still beautiful and Captain Jack, the bobble head is looking good.
 We are glad Josh and Megan are traveling and sight seeing while they are young. Making their memories, so when they are old like us, they will have  some fond memories to look back on.

Nite Shipslog

Son Jack sent this Chevy. He parked beside it. I cannot get the year.. Any help?  Like I told Jack, you don't have to know the year to appreciate beauty.


Mevely317 said...

I don't recall having seen "Captain Jack" (bobble head) before. Love y'all's subtle touches. :)

Ya, I might not have brought a fat savings account with me to this union, but I'll never regret the 'living' (squandering?) I did in my younger days. Priceless, those memories.

Paula said...

Like your picture window, so nice it changes often. I'm starting to think I may like traveling the way you do but I would want someone with me that knows how to fix things and that isn't John. Growing peanuts and raising cattle wouldn't do it, huh? Oh well we'll just stick to San Antonio and country roads. lol

betty said...

We traveled a lot, hubby and me, before the kids came along. It was a lot of fun and when the kids came along and we couldn't travel for a few years we looked back at those memories and they carried us through until we could be "on the road again."

Son and/or hubby would know the year of that Chevy. Unfortunately, neither one is close by for me to ask :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That window of yours certainly has seen some marvelous sights! Mine here looks out and one sees pretty much the same thing every day except for the changing of the seasons. That is all about to change now as the sale of my house is now approved and soon will be able to move. Still, I won't be traveling far and certainly won't be able to see the sights you've seen.

Dar said...

Yes, you certainly have had a gorgeous view on your travels. We did a lot of camping when the kids were in tow, developing many memory lanes for them. Now they all have families of their own that they are doing the same thing with. They spend their winter planning for summer fun but say the spontaneous trips are the best. Our view out our picture window includes the field and woods where the deer, bear, predators and eagles fly and roam. Oh, and Bill, as he works the field. Life is good up north where a big snow/rain storm is due by Fri. with an inch of snow an hour. We will see.
Lovely roses still look wonderful for your Sherry. Hugs to her and you too, Mr. Bobblehead.


Like the view out your window, but think that privacy netting is pretty cool too. Love Sherry's beautiful flowers and that sweet Bobble Head dude.

Unknown said...

The car looks like late '60's. Try looking up '67 Chevy and see if that looks familiar.

Unknown said...

Oh, and next time have Jack look at the license plate. Sometimes, the person will have a vanity plate with the year on it.

Lisa said...

Ok now! You have your very own bobble headf? Im chuckling over here.

You and Sherry are just too cool

2023 said...

Now I have Billy Joel's song~ Captain Jack~ in my head....but I did very much used to love that song. For Sherry, the flowers should last forever.