Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Valentine…….

Sherry tonight!

(Sherry before I met her)

Okay it is the end of the day, Tonight with friends including Don & Evelyn we ate at Out Back. Sherry had Steak and lobster. I had coconut Shrimp & steak. It was a great day. I had a dozen roses and a personalized card for my Valentine when she walked into the motor home kitchen this morning.
 (Sherry near the time I met her)

I want you to know, that is a feat, when you are together 24/7.  She acted surprised, I hope she was. She deserves all the attention she can get from me and her boys.

I saw her first at church in 1954, dated her in 1955 and married her in 1956. She took my heart early and has been the best thing that ever happened in my life.
(My Sherry when we married)

At 17 she was more level headed than many 35 year old folk today. WE have had our ups and downs. MOSTLY UP times. She tackled the job of raising two boys alone when I was absent up to 6 months at a time.
(My Sherry  that I carried in my wallet on cruises)

With hundreds of interruptions in her personal life, she was also able to have a career of her own, in office work. Her last job was with the Army.

She quit a good job in Washington, DC to return to Charlotte, NC to take care of my invalid mother. I was still in DC trying to work out a transfer and she had the sole job of taking care of mother for months. My brothers and sisters lived a good distance away, the sisters were in Maryland and NY. To my Sister Shirl and her hubby’s credit. He quit a high $ job in Maryland and they returned to carry a big chunk of the family load. BUT it was my Valentine who put her career on hold. For me and my mama.

(My Valentine today!)

Her sacrifices to hold this family together for over 60 years are exemplary. While I was packing our ‘stuff’ for storage preparing for this on-the-road life, there were MANY letters and awards that she earned over her career. As I read the letters and looked at the plaques I said to myself, "Sweetheart you deserved each one and more."
If every Valentine was like mine, this world would be heaven on earth, and there would be JOY in the World.
I love and adore you Sherry, my Valentine,  I am the luckiest guy in the world.
Nite Shipslog.

PS: Of course this is mushy, But, "if you knew Sherry like I know Sherry..................... Oh  my what a gal!"

PS 2: There was one negative. I had a great side bet once, on our pending marriage, it would have paid for our honeymoon. When she learned of it, she refused to marry me. She gave a weak reason, "I am not marrying you on a bet!" Girls are silly sometimes. LOL But she was still cute!
Our first trip to California, Sherry said, "I want to drive thru a tree! She got her chance here at the Chandler Tree."


Mevely317 said...

Yours is my very favorite love story!
I'll bet y'all make your sons, grands and greats pretty darn proud.

Paula said...

Aww what a couple! Love that high hair-do on Sherry. That was the cat's meow back then.

weekend-windup said...

Sounds great! You had a wonderful time with your friends. It was interesting to read your post. thanks for sharing them:)

betty said...

I'm glad Sherry did decide to marry you even though you did have that side bet. Your and Sherry's story is definitely a love story admired and appreciated by a lot of people :) Outback is one of our favorite restaurants; glad you got to celebrate there this special occasion!


Lisa said...

You two are a beautiful love story. Ive said it before, ill say it again, you two are a great example of true love and what marriage should look like.

Shes a purty Valentine

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your love story is a wonderful one. You are the perfect Valentines!


Glad you and your sweetheart had a wonderful Valentine's Day laced with special memories.

shirl72 said...

We have had a very interesting life. Glad you and Sherry had a good Valentine celebration. Jim always gave me a dozen red roses. Love you both and we have had good times together. I miss both and will be happy when it is time for you to return home for a stay. We all miss you.

2023 said...

I would leave a very thoughtful response if I were not crying on the library keyboard. A happy, happy life to both of you. Your happiness, your appreciation, your love, they seem to seep right through the computer sometimes. Obviously, this is one of those times....Love, Mary

Dar said...

what Mary said....and more. Love the love you two live. It's awesome.
love from up north....the wind is cold but the roads will soon be posted with all the frost lifting out of the ground. The boys did manage to get the logs hauled out today tho so YEAH. They are very happy loggers