Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Large families in an RV, the modern gypsy

We are seeing large families who full-time in an RV. I am guessing some of these are foster kids. Most of these families are several nationalities.

As youths, both of our families were at times a total of 8 & 9 lived in two bedroom one bath houses. So we know it can be done with little or no major problems. It actually makes for a tight family bonding.
(A comparable unit of our neighbors, with the rear slide cut off in the photo)

Our neighbors, here are 9 kids and two young adults. They travel with a 9 passenger van and a 4 door pickup to haul the 9 bikes and the 5th wheel. The 5th wheel is a giant with five slide-outs. They have tents if the kids want to ‘camp-out’ and the bikes I mentioned. Skate boards and cell phones, tablets and phones.

The adults cook out and they all eat family style outside on double tables. The kids also do some of their studies outside.  I noticed some of the kids for privacy, I assume, took refuge in the van or truck to read or study.
(This is the living area of a big 5th wheel. It is more like a condo, big)
They have taken several full days out of the park to sight see and enjoy Disney I guess. I never did see one obviously pouting. They all play & work  well together and seem to really enjoy themselves.

For setting up camp and tearing down they all seem to have their assigned jobs and it goes smoothly.  I imagine they would be considered modern Gypsies, just as the wife and I.

The stickers on the van rear windows seem to be a game following where they have been. They have been ‘All Over’ the USA. Yosemite, Yellowstone, The Alamo, San Francisco, Niagara, and many,many more.

I can see the pros and cons of this life style. What do you think?

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 Even I could park this 5th wheel but could not sleep 8 people.LOL

Then there are the REAL off 5th wheels:



I think it must be fun for a while to travel in an RV like that. But eventually the desire for someplace to call home would get to me.

Paula said...

I agree with TaryTerre but it seems neat how the large family all have their jobs and get along so well.

Lisa said...

Ummmm I dunno. 9 kids! One bath? I guess it could be done and a Mother would love it but brothers and sisters are NOT that fun. We barely survived a 5 bedroom house with 3 baths between 4 kids.
I assume with all the traveling, those kids are home schooled.
Now, just me and Nick, yes Id love to live in a tiny space. My daughter wouldnt have it. She likes luxury and space. Shes not the happy camper we are.


betty said...

My mom came from a family of 10 siblings and they were in a 3 bedroom house. Boys in one room, girls in the other, and parents in the 3rd. One bathroom. They made it work :)

I think it would be a great adventure for a family, no matter what the size. Home schooling I'm thinking, but just think of the quantity and quality time they are spending together!


Glenda said...

This entry takes me back to riding to south FL to visit Mom's family--twelve of us packed into a station wagon---now that was togetherness!!! Fun memory of all of us lining up at the water fountain in Mississippi--except Robert who went to the one marked "colored" because he thought colored water might be Koolaid! Innocence...
Those are some wonderful pics.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Very interesting neighbors you have there. We used to camp with 7 children and I've got to say they loved it and never had a problem with only one bathroom. I had friends who had a large 5th wheeler and it was very roomy. Their's sounds even more so with all the pop outs. Traveling as you two do, I imagine you've seen lots of different people. This family sounds unusual but appear to be pretty nice people.

Dar said...

We camped every summer, nearly without missing a day, with 4 pre-teens and a works when we all worked together. Your neighbor family sound amazing. Have you had the chance to meet them yet? They do have an interesting ' today ' life that was more common 25 yrs. ago with large families. I applaud them. Growing up, there were 9 of us, the upstairs was one large room divided with a long 2 sided bookcase, like a snortin'pole. lol. Boys on one side, girls on the other, baby and kids under 4 downstairs with parents. Like your neighbors, we made it work and all of us as adults, are very close with lots of great childhood memories. Our days, of course, were most often spent outside in the fresh air chasing horses and dreams.
love from up's gorgeous outside. Time to play.

Mevely317 said...

What interesting comments! Probably on account of my upbringing (I'm an only child) I wouldn't care for this one bit! ... at least the part about having to share a bathroom. lol.
Those pix of the 5th wheeler make it seems pretty posh. Who'd have guessed?