Saturday, February 11, 2017

The difference in States I have lived in

I am a state's rights person. I believe more power should be returned to the states. I am glad we do not have a national DMV, some states do it better than others.

I have bragged on the Florida DMV several times.  I have dealt with about 6 different states concerning tax, tags etc, and by far Florida wins hands down. We still pay taxes in NC on houses owned there.  WE try to live off the debit card as much as possible, it was natural for Sherry to ask the NC tax lady could she use 'The Card' for payment. Certainly, but I must advise you there is a processing fee. How much is it? Asked my girl.  I was expecting to hear $1.50-$4. But I nearly fell over when she said for that amount it will be $75.

WHAT?  Naturally Sherry wrote a check.

 (Just cute pic's from the web today)

This post came up because I just realized I had not renewed our Florida tags.  I was waiting to see if we had to change the address when we applied for the Homestead Exemption.   I forgot, therefore we are late. I renewed on line. The fee for using a credit card is the standard $2. That is $1 per vehicle.  It saves me going to the tax office.

One other thing I like about Florida's Vehicle Title transfer, no notary required.  If you make a deal with s seller at 6PM on Saturday or even Sunday, There is no need to visit a Notary. To me that is only common sense. Anyone with a little experience knows they can find a Notary to sign 'after the fact' because they know you. I have done it and most of my friends have. A requirement easily circumvented.

There is a stiff penalty if your vehicle is signed over to someone and it is not your’s or the buyer’s signature.  The same penalty for signing the wrong signature before a notary.  But for the law abiding citizen it is one less hoop of government tape to jump thru.

(Note the photo below.  It is easy to be nice to a natural enemy if you aren't hungry!)

One last 'atta boy' to Florida. 30-40 years ago in Florida I had to get the yearly inspection. It was a tough inspection, almost at tough as Virginia at the time.  As the years rolled on by, a study was done, proving that inspections did not save lives or prevent accidents. So Florida logically dropped their vehicle inspections.  There is a study done periodically of the state of the air we breath. If emissions need checking, there is provision for forcing emissions tests in counties where the air is dirty.
There are reasons to enjoy Florida other than the sun…
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PS: I bet eventually I can find something to really complain about in Florida.

(Rest assured this dude can get to a fire FAST! But the building better not be very high!)


Jean said...

I get my tags and drivers license online and this was the month to get the tags. Last year I ordered them and had them by the first of the month but forgot to put them on. I was going to the hospital to visit a friend and the cops pull me over in front of the fire station
Hi ,how are you, did you know your tag has expired, me, yes I have them at home I just forgot to put them on. Ok be sure you put them on when you get home. He was real friendly. When I get them this time I will be sure to put them right on, next time he might ticket me.

betty said...

Its funny in Arizona; if you live in Phoenix and Tuscon area you have the emissions checked on the cars (I think its every 2 years). When we lived in Prescott, there was no requirement of that (probably more cars in Phoenix/Tuscon). I have had no problems with the DMV here both visiting it and accessing stuff online or calling them for info. They've been informative, courteous, and helpful. I did have to have a notary come over the other day to notarized my signature as son was trying to sell his Cadillac (we gave him to him, but its still registered to us). Because I was lazy and a time crunch, I got a mobile notary to come to the house. Cost a little (not much) but worth getting the paperwork done. As luck would have it, the sale didn't go through.


Paula said...

Just took John to get his truck inspected and then over to get his sticker for the windshield. Not too much trouble except the guy who does the inspection likes to talk a lot.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, every state is different for sure. Sounds like you've picked a good one to live in.

Dar said...

Sounds like you're loving FL. I'm happy for you. Here, we only have to renew our drivers license every 8 yrs but the stickers for our plates renew annually with a steep fee. As for our property taxes, depends on where in the state you's high, high in bigger cities whereas we pay less for our 155 acres and our cabin and home than our kids in the cities for just their home and a small lot. We count our blessings, believe me.
Hugs from up north.......the sun is shining and we're warming up in the 40's today.....a heat wave!!!!! Enjoy your walks

Mevely317 said...

That's so crazy about N.C. expecting anyone to pay at $75 'convenience' fee!

Goodness, but you're making Florida sound better and better (than I remember)! While I'm not tempted to return to live, it's nice to hear common sense is prevailing. :)


Sounds like a real nice place to live for alot of reasons. My hubby still thinks hurricanes are the biggest deterrent.

Lisa said...

I want to be where you are!