Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Do any of you who read ride bicycles?  We have been thinking of getting a couple bikes.  Thinking it might round out our exercise routine a little.  WE walk at least a mile and a half a day. Today it was three.  But I was thinking Sherry hurt her knee a couple months ago walking in loose sand, so it might be good to have an alternative.  Besides your knees don’t seem to get much exercise as you walk, other than support and forward and back motion.

The bike seems it would allow the knee to join in with some up and down motion.  Many of the places we go allow for good biking.  We rode for a while and enjoyed it. We already have a bike rack in Shirl’s basement to haul them around.

A girl passed us today on ‘inline’ skates. That also looked like a good exercise.  I used to love to skate on steel wheels. Ohhh but what I would really love to be able to do is ride a skate board.  NO! I am not going to try it, but do kids amaze you on those suckers?  I liked a scooter when I was a kid, I cannot having a scooter without an upright handle. LOL

I will let you know if I ever try a skate board, I will blog from my hospital bed if I live thru the experiment!

Nite Shipslog  gotta go ‘Johnny calls’.

 I love this picture, it was taken in the 1930's


jack69 said...

Pictures from the web. That ain't me...

Paula said...

I have a bike and got John to air the tires a few years ago and then didn't ride it but once. I wonder if I still could, my balance isn't
what it used to be.

Jean said...

I have years back, but if I rode one now it would have to be a three wheel. Lol One of our older neighbors rides a three wheel bike around here. I'm sure it would be more fun than walking. Let us know how it turns out. It's been another rainy day up here I knew it would rain I wash the vehicles and car port this weekend. Take care. Jean

betty said...

I think bikes would be great exercise and easier on the knees :) Just wear protective gear like helmets :)

Hubby when son was about 8 years old took up online skates and fell. His shoulder still bothers him close to 20 years later :) Be careful if you do get on a skateboard :)


betty said...

LOL, should be inline skates, not online :) Guess I had Internet on the brain :)



How about a bicycle built for two for you and Sherry??? Alot of fun, I'm sure.

Lisa said...

I had metal wheel skates and could ride a skateboard too, I could also ride a pogo stick. We have a set of old vintage bikes in the building. We love to ride them at the beach thought we dont like the hassel of lugging them down there and Nick wont leave them with the camper. Im thinking it could be good at strengthening the knees but also could hurt. I rode a paddleboat and my knees suffered the rest of the week. Water exsercises are the best for knees. Any who, I say get the bikes out and give it a try. And did you really just say "johnny calls?" Hahahaha.

Stay young.

Rick Watson said...

We both have bikes but haven't ridden them in a while. I used to skate too, but I'd be hesitant to try that again. I'm pretty sure I need my hips for walking around :)

I'm not sure why, but your blog has stopped sending me emails when you do an update. I resubscribed but it told me I was already subscribed. Strange.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

When we used to camp we rode bikes a lot, I still have mine but haven't ben on it in several years now. I have to say that when camping season would start and I rode my bike, my knees would bother me at first, but after a couple of weeks they'd be just fine. The place where I want to move to, when my house sells has quiet streets, so I'm hoping maybe I'll get to use my bike again. We'll see...I'll probably have to get the bike tuned up first.!

Dar said...

We also rode our bikes often when we camped...never got on them again so passed them down to the kids. They do use them. Not so sure biking would help or hurt Sherry's knee, at least at first. I agree that water exercises are great for any joint injury. It sure helped me. Dust the bikes off and get after it. You'll find out in a hurry if that's what will work for you.
Love n' hugs from up north where we have colder weather again......40 more days til spring.....cannot wait.

Mevely317 said...

We've a couple of bicycles gathering dust in the garage ... free to a GOOD home! :)
As a kid, I had metal skates and a pogo stick ... and my father made me a pair of stilts!
No fear - but no coordination, either. Were I to try now, I'd most likely wind up in a hospital bed!

PS - Ditto what Taryterre said about a bicycle built for two! ("Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true ....")