Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's fake oyster stew, but I like it

I grew up really liking oyster stew with saltines crackers. So All my life I have enjoyed oyster stew.  Oyster stew was first, then I ate fried oysters, loved them also.  Then I learned I liked the raw also.

My Sherry prepared oyster stew and she would eat the stew BUT NEVER the oyster. A few years ago I learned that shell fish would kill you and I would not live forever if I ate shell fish. Sherry ‘splained oysters are SHELL fish! SHUCKS!

While camping and fishing at Grassy Pond in South Georgia we were catching bass. I never cared for fried bass. A fisherman shared a great recipe for bass (or any fish you don’t care for broiled or fried.)  We have used Catfish, Bass and Crappie.  They all are delicious. WE did try Tilapia, and it was the only fish that did not fit the bill.

I fell in love with it because it tastes to me just like oyster stew and Sherry Loves it. The recipe uses a potato, onion, butter, milk, two medium (or one large) fillet. It calls for a can of New England clam chowder and milk. Sherry can have it ready to eat in less than 30 minutes it seems. We use frozen ‘Swai’ fillets lately and I usually cube them frozen for my girl. Our sons like it also.  But hey, it is hard not to like milk and a half stick of butter. LOL

That is one of our favorite meals lately. We are boring and have about 4-5 regular meals. Each one goes at least 2 days sometimes 3. LOL At our age we eat two meals a day and snack too many times.

I know I have said all this before. They tell me it is a sign of old age if you do not know you are repeating yourself. Since I know it, I guess I am still okay! LOL! My Sweetheart isn’t old, and we are about the same age, so I ain’t old either!
Oh yes. Always remember, when you come to a:

 (But always look for the spoon. It is hard to eat stew with just a fork!)

Nite Shipslog  gotta go ‘Johnny calls’.
Ps:  Sherry cubes the potato and micro-wave's it for a couple minutes, while she saut√©’s the cubed fish and onion. Then throws it all together and adds milk to near the top of a 4 qt pot. The YELLOW BUTTER melts and I think it is about ready! 

This is the used car lot I am looking for!


Mevely317 said...

Jack, this first image brought tears to my eyes! My mother prepared stove-top oyster stew - first for my dad, then her bachelor brother. Before the hurricane of '04 wiped it out, there was a spot in Fisherman's Village Punta Gorda, famous for its oyster stew.

Unlike my dad, I never developed the taste for any sort of oyster fixings. Good thing, on account I developed a shell-fish allergy only 10 years ago. Bon appetite!


LOve oysters anyway you serve them. your mock stew sounds good too. yum. yum.

betty said...

I had oysters one time in my life. I worked for a group of cardiac surgeons and they liked this particular Italian restaurant. Took the whole staff and spouses/significant others out to eat. Ordered oysters as an appetizer. I remember not being impressed :)

I do like how your stew is made. It sounds absolutely delicious. I love a recipe that gets a few more extra meals out of it. I try to follow a similar pattern. We eat in 6/7 nights (out on Friday) and other than the weekend breakfast/lunch hubby and me are on our own for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday. I try to only cook every other day and have leftovers just to heat up the other 3 days of the week. We do cook for son/family most Sundays and Wednesdays and send leftovers home with them :)


Paula said...

Never eat oysters but just last year learned to like shrimp. Who knows maybe this year is the year.

Lisa said...

Ill eat oysters as long as they are small. But growing up I would not eat oysters so mom would just use milk, butter and salt and we would think it was oyster stew without the oysters. Yes lots of slatines crushed in it.
My dad always put ketchup in his oyster stew. Yuk.
Now I love oyster stew WITH oysters. I also like oysters dipped in hot butter. We cant ever find good ones around here though.
You have given me some new options here to think about.

But first work

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have had fried oysters and loved them. But have never fixed them for myself. My mom made them. The recipe for your stew sounds very good. I agree milk and butter make most things taste good.

salemslot9 said...

your Sherry is right
my John & I
haven't eaten shellfish
in over 10 years
when we found out

Jean said...

I love oysters and may try your oyster stew it sounds so good. I drove over to Davids Catfish House Saturday a week ago just to get a take out oyster dinner. The husband wouldn't go in to eat. Take care. Jean

Glenda said...

LOVE the fork in the road!!!

Wireless.Phil said...

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