Friday, February 24, 2017

Trail CAmera SUCCESS!

I caught this guy on camera. What a surprise to find this in our yard:
 I was shocked, then I zoomed in and realized it is only a friendly hamburger and Ice cream monster.
 OKay you know Imma joking.

 I had this pile of concrete and block rubbish in the back yard since removing it for the  door in the new house. My big plans were to break it unto small stone size pieces and use it as a border around the bushes out front.

Alas it was too big a job for this old man so I  scollopped a design around two cedar trees in the corner and threw it all in. The big pieces just seemed to call for some paint. I have done a lot of Disney characters so I decided to make my own monster. Originally he was supposed to be saying, "MMMMM Delicious concrete to eat", but I gave him a hamburger and some Sherbet on a cone. I think he is happy and until I get the energy to smash the pieces he will stay.

Thanks for stopping by for my silliness.

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Trucks for my monster


Lisa said...

You are just too funny! You have a rock garden! I have a rock to paint but its only the size of my hand and I cant get in the mood to buy paint! I have an idea though. You just made me start thinking about it again. Maybe ill pick up some paint tomorrow. I need one more color.
Its gonna be cute, I think.


betty said...

Too funny! I love it! When the kids were little and we took walks in the neighborhood, I was always on the lookout for fun things like this to see. We would have enjoyed walking by your place to see this display (provided it is in the front yard!)


Paula said...

You can think of more jobs to do. Maybe you should just leave the paintings there. Are there any kids in the neighborhood to enjoy them, not that adults won't enjoy them too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like your rock garden and would not change a thing. Nice to do something fun now and then! Hope you leave it just the way it is !

Dar said...

LOL, now he's cute. I love your concrete garden. Now if you want to garden a bit, you can easily lay succulents like Hen and Chicks, Aloe, etc, anything that can survive heat and little soil under them, and they will take off and you will have a legit rock garden. I love the way you scalloped the edge.
Do you ever sleep? lol
love from up north. We did get the edge of the snow storm, only a few inches here with lots of drifting. It'll be gone by Mon. when another northern heat wave comes along. Bill won't even have to plow this lil bit.

Unknown said...

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2023 said...

I like the concrete to eat idea, very cute. I'm glad there is SOME JOB you are pausing on. You are a busy man, but taking pause on doing too much can be good at times too. Silly, but when you are it is often in a sweet way(sherbet anyone?)

Mevely317 said...

This is great! :)))
... but I sure need to have my eyes checked. When I first looked (on my phone) at your first picture, I thought the cone on the right was actually a lady wearing a two-tone hat ... but a rather risqué open blouse. (No wonder the Franken-rock in the center was leering.)


love that burger the best. it looks mighty appetizing. all you need is a picnic lunch to go with your new art rocks.