Thursday, February 2, 2017

God’s Money Final

The story continues in Memphis, at a church convention (circa 1952).

So, in Memphis I was allowed to run free, except I had to attend the night church services. I had a couple friends Charles Delk and Johnny Horton we ran together. There we encountered what I now know must have been a pedophile. We boys bought peanuts and enjoyed feeding the pigeons in a downtown park. An old man approached us to ‘Show is something’, we all gathered around. He had a fountain pen with a woman in it, the little form was dressed and in water. When he turned it upside down her dress came off and she was nekkid! WOW COOL! In 1952 to 12-13 year of boys that was RISQUE’. 

He said, “Come on with me to my room and I will give you all one.”  Well we weren’t born yesterday, and said we wanted the pens but had to get back to our parents. We took off. That day as we walked, Johnny said, “Jackie when we come to the next stop light where that cop is, ask me real loud, “Johnny, does your dad work?”

So I did. His answer real loud was, “No Jack, he’s a COP!” I couldn’t believe what I heard. After saying that he ran down the street, Charles and I following, laughing like crazy. Remember all the jokes about little Johnny? Johnny Horton lived up to his name. I guess this all started because of the book I am writing about ‘Johnny’.

The next day in the park, the old man was back. This time he had pens for Charles and me. He also had a neat magic trick or two. He talked a little ‘dirty’ to us. We had never heard an adult talk like that, it was creepy. WE ‘KNOWED’ that guy was a SINNER! But we still listened. He again tried to get us back to ‘his room’ to see some ‘real nekkid girls pictures’, we took the pens and ran off.   He was even creeping us ‘cool-bad’ PKs out. We never saw the guy again.  Looking back on that I wonder how many lonely kids fell for that line. I guess pedophiles have always been around, thank goodness we had no further interest.

Children have always been exposed to dangers that parents never learn about. That is a sad part of life. I think parents today are more open with their kids about dangers. Kids don’t walk alone too much now a days.

I think our grands and great grands are more protected in this day.

Okay, this ‘God’s Money’ subject is over. Thanks for visiting, On to another subject.

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                                                 The 1952 Caddy


Paula said...

There was so much that we kids back then didn't know and we weren't as brave as some are now to find out.

Lisa said...

Now that was a creepy story. Glad you boys were smart ones.
My dad had a box of those at one time. He was a salesman and had all kinds of give a ways. He sold chemicals.
Nick has a screw driver like those pens but its so old, the water is gone and she is forever left nekked!


betty said...

Creepy story indeed! Glad you guys had some commonsense and ran from him. Can't be too careful these days with the young ones. Got to keep an eye on them. More ways for them to get into trouble too with the Internet and so much other technology.



Glad you kids were ok. SCARY what went on with the likes of that guy.

Dar said...

I agree with your followers, you had commonsense enough to save your curious selves. God was looking out for his PK's. It Could have turned out real bad. I'm glad our kids and grandloves are more aware and careful thanks to good parenting like you had and the school systems seem to make kids more aware also.
love from up north where it's below zero and feels much worse

Glenda said...

aren't we thankful for that "gut instinct" that has saved many of us from harm? Naive kids are the ones who get hurt ~ thankfully y'all were savvy.

Mevely317 said...

Good grief and pass the ammunition. (... or something like that. lol)
What a wretched, sick man. I'm so glad the 3 of you -- yes, even ornery Johnny -- had the wits to run away.