Wednesday, March 1, 2017

An enjoyable day

Son Jack is here and just returned from from son Mark's home where they had attended two Orioles games. They like the idea of seeing the teams during spring training.

What amazed me the most was the fact there were few seats left when he went on line to get tickets. One game there were only 50 seats left when he ordered two days before the game. They were disappointed the Orioles lost both games, but won today when they didn't go.

We also had another treat our friend Glenda came up from Okee. She brought gifts. Wall decor and Sherry a Gardenia. Sherry loves the smell when they bloom. 

WE first met Glenda and the wonderful Conrad family back in '62 when I was in the USAF. WE attended the same church. Sweet Glenda was 12 yrs old. She was at times a baby sitter for our kids. Then once a nurse and house keeper for Sherry when she was sick. There is a special place in our hearts for this lady.

We had a great time hearing her exploits. She has been all over the world as a rep  for one of the countries largest financial groups. In the states she has lived as far west as CA & Washington state to Kennybunkport and thru several states then down to Florida. She beats us as to places she has lived and worked. LOL

Sherry fixed her prize winning lasagna for the occasion. Glenda had brought some fantastic brownies.  It was a great meal to top off a wonderful day of visiting.

This is goodbye to Glenda as she heads back to Okee. On the way down she tied us in on a conference call with her sister Mary who was with the mother of the Conrad clan in Missouri. She is MY FAVORITE SINGER. Mama (93) was on the phone and sang two songs on our speaker phone.Yep, Life is good!

Nite Shipslog 

PS: Every time we talk, Glenda says, "You two kissed more than any two people I ever met." 
I said she still is a great kisser!

 The Edsel was a nice car by Ford, but introduced at the wrong time. She didn't last but a few years. But did make some collectors happy!


betty said...

Sounded like a wonderful time!! Glad you could connect with Glenda and enjoy the time together, and yum with the lasagna!!! An added treat!



Glenda sounds like quite a gal and it's nice a good time was had by all of you. Visits are nice I know. Your house looks charming from what I could see in the background. I'm sure Glenda's wall decor gift will add a special touch to it.

Glenda said...

A day of R&R was just the ticket to get me rested up for the rest of my packing ~ that and the wonderful hugs! It had been many years since seeing Jack, Jr and on my goodness, what a delightful young man!!! Daddy's facial features and Mom's warmth and quick smile. You two created a couple of wonderful boys who, in turn, have given you some gorgeous grands---it's all good.
Love your new home, all of the improvements posted here are just so impressive ---you've still got it Jack! Ingenuity and a whole lot of hard work cutting through block walls, etc have resulted in an awesome dwelling.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great way to spend the day ! Two visitors with such great smiles on their faces ! It would be hard to beat a day like that and the phone call was a bonus too !

2023 said...

I see both you & Sherry in Jack's features. The best of both?
Ahh, the kissing....I'll bet it still happens on the high end.

shirl72 said...

Sounds like you had a good visit...I know you were happy go see your friend.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a nice visit. Glenda seems to be a special person. An angel.
Its nice to have people like that in your lives.

Don't eat to much lasagnia

Mevely317 said...

Hey, we've got Spring Training games out here, too ... com'on over! One of the teams stays with us (my workplace) every year, but I probably wouldn't recognize a player even if I ran smack dab into him.

Glenda looks amazing! At first glance I thought she and Jack were a 'couple.' (lol) I really like his 'new' hair color.

Thanks for sharing your NICE day with us. :)

Dar said...

DRATS......I think I boo-booed...hitting a wrong key..................
as I was saying.......
So happy you had such a lovely time visiting Glenda and your son who looks very much like you, Jack. I also thought he and she were a couple. It's always so nice to reconnect, isn't it.
Love n' hugs from up north. We just returned from watching our newest grandson for the day. What a blessing to see how he's grown from his preemie 4 lbs. to now, 14 lbs. He's full of smiles, visits with his hands and is such an incredibly calm baby. I'm bragging but grandmas are allowed. :)

Rick Watson said...

What a great day. Also, I love lasagna.