Monday, March 6, 2017

Just some stuff...

Well it is Monday night! I didn’t win the lottery over the weekend, so I am still here. Son Mark called to thank us for allowing him to recuperate over the weekend. He said Janie thanked us too. His lip looked very good when he left. I suggested letting Janie lick his lip, but he thought better of it.

Do you ever use the carpet refreshing product before you vacuum?  I have used soda alone, but for the last couple years I have used the Arm & Hammer scented freshener.  I am not sure it does a lot of good, but it does smell fresh for a little while.

Oh, I did the man no-no and left the seat up! Sherry went in in the dark..OUCH! Thank goodness the RV commode is very small, but porcelain is very cold!

When told, after apologizing, I immediately ordered 4 commode lights. Enough for here and out at the guest house. Received them two days later. They are now installed. They are kinda cute. They are activated by movement and turn on in various colors. YOu can pick a color or let them rotate.

Might save me some grief, huh?
Nite Shipslog  .

           I never liked this design. But it is a classic.


Mevely317 said...

Ba-ahahahahah. I never heard of commode lighting, but that's a great idea!

Nope, I've never used an additive to the old Electrolux. That's pretty neat that Mark called to say 'thank you.' You and Sherry raised some Gentlemen, for sure.


That'll teach you. Like the lighting idea. may we borrow it?

Lisa said...

Ok I have worked for Stanley Steemer for 24 years. I have a negative opinion on carpet fresh!
And the toilet light? Genius!
Now get some music to go with the rotating lights and you can have a disco Potty!

Potty on

betty said...

That's a new one with the commode lighting :) We solve the problem with the lid up (which doesn't happen that often) in the fact we have 2 bathrooms, I use one; he uses the other. Works out great (and when he retires, he'll be responsible for cleaning his and me for cleaning mine, though he doesn't know that yet, LOL :)

Never used any carpet freshner type of thing. Never felt the need to, now I'm wondering if perhaps I don't have a sharp sense of smell?


Paula said...

Like that lighting and the music would be nice as Lisa mentioned. After the repairman today we can flush without holding the handle down. lol

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have used carpet fresh and always thought with baking powder it probably help to clean the rug too. I keep a nightlight in the bathroom so that helps with the seat problem. Course most of the time I'm here by my self anyway. I love the idea of the lighted toilet anyway! I won't be commenting for a while as I'm offline after today till the move is done and I'm settled in. I didn't win the lotto either.

2023 said...

I covet your commode lighting. Wonderful, & totally new to me.

Glenda said...

LOVE the commode lights, much better than flipping on a light and waking myself up in the middle of the night!!! Glad to hear Mark is feeling better, he did phone to let me know he got his stuff (and the brownies)! What made him happiest was that Redskins t-shirt he left in the work shed!!! And, p.s. as a reminder ~ sitting down on a lidless commode is a surprise no lady likes, you better think twice buddy, ijs. Hugs from Chobee (maybe the last ones) Movers did a terrific job, happy girl here. My buyer has already set up utilities transfer for tomorrow, got to git 'er done with the rest of this clothing, office and other "stuff" that has to be trailered to Jensen.

Rick Watson said...

Those lights are a clever idea.