Saturday, March 4, 2017

Couple of things: games and dogs saliva

Son Mark is visiting to get his mama’s cooking while he recovers from his lip operation. The incision was practically the width of his lower lip. He sent a picture of the opening while the lab was checking to see if all the Squamous Cell had been removed. OUCH.  When he arrived here today I was amazed at how well they stitched the incision. Other than the swelling it looked good. He has been here only a night and day and it is looking very good.

We all know that mama’s ‘spit’ cures and cleans about everything. It seems that the tongue and lips heal faster than other cuts or damage. So if you are skirmish skip this paragraph. My daddy said dogs licking their injuries helped heal them and even licking boy’s cuts, sores and bang-ups.  Honestly I think it is true that there is some healing ability in dog’s salvia. I wonder why some doctor hasn’t discovered that?  LOL

Sherry and I over the years have played Monopoly, Sorry and Parcheesi.  We played some card games, mostly solitary. Then along comes the computer and we learned, solitary, FreeCell and Spider Solitary.  Our computers are very slow since we are on the internet via cell, and we sometimes play games while the computer is down-loading something.
Lately we visited friends Dallas and Marian on the road. Dallas is prominent in my books as a financial hero, I would know better than play for money with him. LOL. So we got the invite, “Come over and let’s play Mexican Train!” (We had never heard of the game.)

You guys probably know that dominoes game. I thought dominoes were supposed to be set up on a table in designs and let them knock themselves over. However we learned and enjoyed the game.

When we finished the game I said to my sweetheart, “Honey, I think we have that game at our RV. Remember Corinne gave us a big box of dominoes? I put them in the basement, planning to look at them later and never did. That was over 2-3 years ago.  Sure enough we had a brand new game.  We have been playing most nights. Our one problem is totaling the domino count at the end.

I know some bloggers play games and have a ball, do you?

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 This 1956 Ford was brand new when I met Private R.D (Dallas) Fletcher while enjoying boot camp at Pleasure Island, SC


Paula said...

We called that game Mexican Dominoes at the Senior Center when it was in operation. It was a lot of fun. Now I only play games on the computer, mostly word games. I have a chest full of games I played with my daughters and their friends when they were young. Some of them may be collectors items by now.

Glenda said...

Don't play any computer games; used to play bridge with a club, hearts and spades and five point pitch with the boys but my game playing days are in the rear view mirror....I'd rather read a book :)

Jackie said...

Prayers for continued healing of Mark's lip.
Regarding board games, there is only one that I enjoy playing. It is called Mastermind.
I have never liked board games...and when someone suggests Monopoly or Scrabble, I excuse myself from participating. I just don't enjoy board games...EXCEPT Mastermind. I will play that one all day. Strange, eh! 😊
I want to thank you, Jack, for your faithful friendship to me as a blogger. You are a truly kind gentleman. Thank you for your visits and comments to my blog. I send Sherry much love, and I hope you both have a beautiful 2017.

betty said...

Glad Mark is close by to be able to be "mothered" by Sherry while he is healing :)

I only recently learned dominoes a few years back but then hadn't played them for a bit, so not sure I would be able to remember how to play them. Never heard of Mexican Train though; sounds interesting!

Hubby and me used to play a lot of board games or card games when the kids were younger; it was our Friday night date night after we put them to sleep. Played a lot with the kids growing up too. Hubby plays solitaire on the computer at times. I play some internet games. New Year's Eve this past one we did get a deck of cards out and played a few hands of gin rummy; that was fun :)



Have to admit to never playing dominoes. my favorite board game is Pente.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

His Momma's nurturing care and good food will certainly help speed up the healing. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Sunday there, Snow is supposed to melt away today here. That is always good !

Lisa said...

I always had a set of dominos, but never played a game with them. Maybe I need to look into some new games using those flat dice.
Me and nick used to play rummy with cards a lot when we were dating and Monopoly was fun. Now days, sadly, computers have taken over game time and the only time spent playing board games is when the power goes out.

Happy Sunday

Mevely317 said...

Glad to hear Mark is healing nicely!
Maybe I should be appalled when Macie Ann goes to licking on my scratches, but she seems so determined and (awww) I'm a bit flattered.

I used to be addicted to on-line Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - when they were still 'free.' But board games or dominoes? Not so much.