Friday, March 3, 2017

Out of Gas

Today I cut our sand, grass and weeds. Then I ran out of gas.  Not the equipment, I ran out of gas. I just had to sit for a while. Oh, while I am thinking of it, I found a garden here, hiding just behind the motor home. We have a volunteer tomato plant with blooms!  I am really going to try not to kill it. 

Oh yes, I was out of energy. I decided, maybe I am old. While I was checking the new tomato plant I talked to one of our black lizards. I asked the lizard if I was old, he looked at me and bobbed his head up and down in a yes angle. I said, “You really mean I am bigger than you, right?”  And he bobbled his YES again, and I felt better.

We have some neat squirrels here also. I like  them too. Earlier today I was eating one of my ‘yuk’ soft apples and cut a big hunk off and found a sturdy place on the privacy fence to leave it to see if the squirrel would eat it. I know Rabbits do.  I love to see these dudes run the top of that fence. Later while I was weed-eating, I looked up and Billy Bob was sitting up there pretty as you please, eating the apple. (I really don’t know if it was Billy Bob or not they all look alike here).

I wish I had Jean’s energy (Jean's Tales). I gotta find out what that girl eats! 
 Son Mark is coming up tomorrow. He had an operation on his lip. He sent pictures, it was terrible looking. They were removing ‘Squamous Cell’, the name sounds bad enough. 

 Anyway I am out of gas!

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betty said...

If I remember correctly, squamous cell is middle in the line of skin
cancer; definitely not melanoma, but not common like basal cell. Glad he got it take care of. Not that I'm a doctor; I just listen to them 8 hours a day so pick up a little here and there. Some days can make us more fatigued than others. Blame it on anything other than age :)


Glenda said...

Out of gas in Okeechobee as well, so happy I decided to make this move before I got old and feeble! OMG, how did I ever accumulate all of this stuff??? I hope all goes well for Mark, pretty sure one of Sherry's hugs will help a whole lot! Please pass on my wishes for a good outcome.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a delight to find a tomato plant and blooming too. I hope it likes it there and gives you some delicious tomatoes! It is amazing how they will pop up without planting them. I'm bout out of gas here with all the packing up but at least a few of my sons are going to come in to help. It's appreciated for sure. One thing about living life in the slow lane, when we take a break it gives us the chance to stop and look around. Hope your son does well.

Mevely317 said...

Billy Bob ... hehehehe. So glad to know there's someone else who talks to the animals. I hadn't thought of giving them names ... yet. :)

Seems Tom and I both run out of gas more frequently than we used to. Oh, I'm good most days IF I keep going, but the minute I get home and sit? Well, it's lights out for 20-30 minutes. Naps are the BEST!

Mevely317 said...

Forgot to mention...
Mark's in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy, complete healing!


Your son is in my prayers. What you need is a good old fashioned rest. period. Jack. you work too hard.

Rick Watson said...

Yep. I've been there. You taught me something on this one Jack. I had no idea that squirrels would eat apples. I'm going to try that.