Thursday, March 2, 2017


Travel is a very big thing for us.  Today I installed some gate wheels on the big gates I installed  to try to 'hide' the motor home. It is the first time the gates have been open in the last few weeks. Sherry and  J Jr. were gone to get hair cuts, then they went to Blue springs to see if the manatees were still around, but alas, they had headed out to sea. ;-)

With the gates open, the coach seemed to say can I go now? I asked aloud, where would you go if I turned you loose? 

Since I have gotten old I tend talk to THINGS and  CREATURES! The coach is familiar with it. It seemed to say, "Nawlins would be good or even Pennsylvania."

I agreed with the Nawlins thing but told her that PA was still a little cool.  I do try to look around to make sure no humans can hear me.

I used to keep a list of new places to see. Yesterday I got in on the back end of a conversation that ended with Holland. Sherry was there once without me and Glenda had spent time there.

And I said something like, "And I haven't been there yet."  Sherry said,  "Yes you have, we are talking about Michigan, not Amsterdam, Holland!

 Yes, jack there is more to Michigan than cars.

And then I remembered, someone told us of the Tulip festival. 

  We loved the many colors of Tulips and displays
 We got there just after the festival but the place was BEAUTIFUL.

Our list of places to go came from many folk and stories. There are folks who love to stay home, and there are others who have a desire to see new places....

So----In the USA where is your go-to place, or where you would like to go?  What is the most interesting place?

Our motor home wants to know. LOL 

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I like coastal towns. But if I could go anywhere it would be New Orleans or Hawaii. Though the tulip festival sounds lovely, indeed.

Lisa said...

Nick is one to want to stay home, Id like to see the world.
Our go to place is the Coast of the Carolinas but id love to visit Florida again.
For far travel, id love to visit Denmark and Italy..

Tulips are my favorite!

betty said...

Such pretty tulips! Our go to place is San Diego when we aren't living there, LOL, because family and friends are still there :)


Glenda said...

Tulips are my favorite also. I would love to go to Montana in the springtime. There's a song...
Marie Osmond, Dan Seals:

Wrote my whole life down in a notebook
Songs about you and me
I've been singing to every soul in Tennessee
Nobody seems to listen
No one ever smiles the way that you do
So I guess you'll never hear me on the radio
I'd give us this crazy dream of mine
To hold you once more
Won't you meet me in Montana
I want to see the mountains
In your eyes
Oh! Oh! I've had all of this life I can handle
Meet me underneath that big Montana sky
I left home for Hollywood
Looking for a part to play
You always said I had such a pretty face
But I guess I'm not that pretty...
You get the gist! I want to see the big Montana Sky!!! It's on my "bucket list".

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do love our beautiful Ohio and there is still a lot that I haven't seen right here, but now that I've visited Texas, I've discovered another beautiful state. Then there is West Virginia, where my child hood memories take me back again and again. I think there is something worth seeing no matter where you go. The thing that draws me to one place or another is family and friends. I guess I'm more a people person.

Dar said...

We also gravitate to areas where our family is. I'd always wanted to visit every state, 17 of which I can remember as only ' drive-thru ' states on our way home from the east coast or south to visit family. Bill is not a travelin' man. He's my home body but that's ok. Home is where the heart is.
love n' hugs from where we're starting our seeds that go in the garden in a few months. This time, tomatoes, peppers and okra. Have a glorious weekend wherever your coach may take you. ( Don't we all talk to inanimate things? )

Mevely317 said...

Those tulips almost look too pretty to be real!

My dad took such pride in telling folks his daughter had been to almost all the 50 states - but truth be told, I was really young and don't remember much. Wow. There's so much I want to experience, but if I had to pick one destination off the top of my head it would be the Smoky Mountains.

... great daydreaming you've prompted. :)

Rick Watson said...

Santa Fe is a place we'd like to go. It sounds like our kind of town.

Paula said...

I would like to find some new country roads around here to explore. I've never been much of a traveler. It is pretty where I have been staying with my daughter. She lives at the beginning of the hill country.