Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Friends

First, thanks for all the  comments about the commode lights.  We do like them. 
We have met some wonderful folk as we RV’d around the country. By accident a couple years ago we met, E.L. & Doris Turner, a wonderful couple that traveled around raising money for “feeding stations”.

I asked, “Feeding stations?”
It was explained they support 14 ‘feeding stations’ scattered about South America. The feeding stations feed children who would otherwise not get a nutritious meal. Some stations fed one meal a day, others fed three full meals a day.

They are in their 80’s and still follow an arduous schedule.  This year on their trip south they did not feel comfortable towing their trailer on the trip this year and a friend offered them a travel trailer already here in Florida.

Sherry has remained in contact with them and invited them to rest a couple days in our ‘guest house’, since we still have not moved in.

They leave in the morning. They have been absolutely a joy to talk with. Their lives have been very exciting and full. In our talks we learned they knew several folk we did. What was amazing to me was they knew Grace, a sweet girl who came to live with my family when I was in the 2nd-3rd grades. She was like a sister to Shirl and me. I think she was about 5-6 years older than I was.

This is a small world at times. They knew Jim Page a good friend of mine from Valdese, NC, and Danny Peterson of our hometown a good friend of Shirl.

This was a very joyful visit with such pleasant down to earth caring people. Two days to remember!

Oh yes, and as we escorted them thru the Guest house, they were most impressed by the toilet lights. Doris said she had to have one and wanted to know where I got them. Of course the answer is Amazon, but I did have an extra one and gave it to her.
Don’t you just love a pleasant time? The couple seemed like old friends.

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betty said...

What a wonderful ministry your friends have with the feeding stations! Great that you were able to spend the time visiting with them and they could spend a few days in your "guest home", certainly it was put to good use with their visit!

Small world too that they knew several people you knew too :)



I was just thinking it is a small world isn't it? Having so many people in common. I have my own commode story to talk about upcoming on my blog in a week or two. But those lights you got are impressive to be sure.

Paula said...

Nice of your friends to do this wonderful work. Nice Jack and Sherry to furnish them a place to stay. You all certainly have met a lot of people and from all walks of life.

Dar said...

Through out your lives, you are a couple who have definitely made ' good vibe' impressions on so very many people with your genuine kindness. It is a small world we live in yet so large. I'd often wished we could have continued to travel our own country more, but God had a different plan for us. We are content in our lil' piece of heaven and were so blessed the days we got to spend with you two overlooking the river and the creek.
Hugs from up north where the winds blew wild for the past 4 days and nights. Finally we see calm blue skies with a bitter chill. Stay warm.

Lisa said...

Its a small world. To think about it, Every stranger I drum up a conversation with, we know someone in common.
Your friends seem to be sweet caring people. I admire them for setting up feeding stations. What a blessing.

Did you "keep the light on for them?" lol

Mevely317 said...

Those feeding stations sound amazing! What a blessing, the Turners!

It's heartwarming when folks make it a point to spend time with their long-time friends. Your "one for the road" (parting gift) cracks me up! I'd buy one of those things for Tom, but our dogs would probably have a stroke. :)

2023 said...

I have a long history of volunteering at food pantries, & when I moved here I could actually see The Salvation Army from my balcony. So, needing interaction anyway, I now volunteer at their food pantry. True, some are coming for extra food that is not always needed. That is the current reality; one I did not see many years back when many people who really needed food would not even come(I suspect that is still the case, but less so). But the ones that really do need the food, there are now so many places that offer your friends feeding stations, & 18 different places in this area.
Sometimes I listen to the news & get the idea that no one thinks we help anyone anymore.