Monday, March 20, 2017

Johnny is near the publishing stage

I am a happy guy. My new book is proofed and ready to send to the Printer. I read it today, it took about 8 hours. I found three more mistakes, all of them mine in not watching my typing when inserting the proofer’s changes. There were only one or two…….. (hundred) errors corrected by my professional proofers.

(Some of us are just happy to have a place to lay our heads! doesn't take much to satisfy us!)

Shucks I know you guys that read this blog would never believe I could make that many mistakes in punctuation, and tenses of verbs, etc. I know them nouns and thangs. I think the proffers believe I take a hand full of commas and only a few periods and throw them into my manuscripts.

The book is large print and 270 pages.  I did have it down to 200 pages, but that was a 6” x 9” book.  I downsized it to 5.25”x 8”, the size is easier to handle, but it does make it more expensive because the printer charges by the page.

Oh shucks, but I love the book. I even cried a couple times today and laughed bit also.  I haven’t been selling my books here on the blog lately, but since they will not go less than about 9.80$ or 10.80$ not sure yet. I am going to check the wholes sale price and see about making them available here.  I do not get reviews that way, but I would rather be read.

But this is (in my opinion) the best book yet.  I am hoping It can be listed for a $1 as an e-book.  It is not at that stage yet. I still must do one more Proof run.

Sorry for a boring post, but I enjoyed writing this book as well as reading it, and I am very well satisfied with  the result.

The title is: Johnny, the Trail and Trials. The Sub Title is changed, now it is: A Good Boy in Trouble.

Writing is a hobby. Fiction is fun when related to real life.

Thank you guys for stopping by the Shipslog, I appreciate it.
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betty said...

How exciting it the book is coming along like it is coming along!


Lisa said...

Well, as soon as you put a price on it, imma gonna buy it! I cant wait to read it. Wait, did I just say I cant wait to read?
Nick said that aint no Ford and it aint no Chevy. He said it looked sorta like a packard but wasnt sure.

Back to work,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can hardly write a blog post without some kind of error, and cannot even imagine writing a book. I give you lots of credit for writing not only one book but several. I hope to be able to read it when it becomes an ebook. That's about the only way I read anything these days. With all you've been doing with your new home and traveling a bit to visit friends and then having company too, I don't know how you find the time. Here I'm hoping that soon I'll be settled in enough to do what I like to do. Hope you all have a happy Monday!

shirl72 said...

Brother you are a genius I know this book is good...I liked Sticky and Sugars,
I can't sit long and read but getting better. I always think of something that needs to be done so I am up getting busy...

Mevely317 said...

Goodness, how I relate to a "handful of commas" ... and too few periods!!! Love the enthusiasm in your voice, Jack.

Like Lisa said, however you elect to sell this book, I can't WAIT to read it.


looking forward to reading this new book of yours. lots of effort goes into each sentence , i know.

Dar said...

Once again, Jack, YOU DID IT. Congratulations. You're an awesome writer that comes with a sincerely awesome personality and genuine heart. I'm sure this book is your best just like the rest of them. I passed your books down for Mom and other family members to read. They all loved them. You have every reason to be proud. I love it.
Hugs and congrats from up north where our first batch of maple sap will begin to cook down all day tomorrow into beautiful syrup. The sugar content is superior this season. We are thrilled.