Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Getting ready to Hit the road

Time here in Florida is getting short for us. WE are residents of Florida but just cannot shake the roots back in North Carolina. My family has never been much to decorate the sacred graves of our family but Sherry has. She wants flowers on her parent’s graves at Christmas and Easter. So we will head north before The Celebration of Easter.

(The Lennie, Collette and Sherry decorated that grave for many years, now Sherry is the only living daughter, so she does it. This is Sherry, her dad, and Mark and Jack, a couple (?) years back)

When we lived in Tavares on Lake Dora our home was hit with three hurricanes. We didn’t lose much, but it was worrisome. We had a neighbor that lost their entire roof, therefore most of the contents. So that was always a concern when we were out gallivanting around. Once we sold in Tavares, we felt more freedom to roam further, and did.
 It is hard to tell, but the pier was raised 6 inches on the left. And below is the sea wall we lost.

So before we leave for Easter I want to do some things to prepare our (new to us) place in Deltona. The house is no worry, it has weathered MANY hurricanes since 1960. It is the additions of the privacy fence and large gates I installed for the motor home that I need to protect. We might be wandering off in the distance.  If so, I do not want to be worrying unnecessarily about the storm damage.

Departure date is still a couple weeks off, but we are still on vacation for another week. LOL So that gives us only 5 days to prep the home in Deltona.

As I mentioned we will be attending a wedding.  It is a couple of our senior friends here in Florida. We have learned to love these two and are glad for them. It is a privilege to be invited to join a small private ceremony. 

We have a busy social life. LOL
Thanks for stopping by the Shipslog, I appreciate it.

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Paula said...

We were never much on decorating the graves for holidays. John and I did go last week to put some spring flowers on Mel's grave. I appreciate that he will go with me. Sherry looks so cute in that picture. The boys and her Dad look nice too. I think Sherry is just the neatest person, no wonder you love her so.


I understand Sherry's need to decorate the graves. IN the meantime, I understand your desire to protect the house in Florida while your gone. Lots to do for sure. Good Luck getting it done.

betty said...

How sweet with being able to attend the wedding that you guys will be attending. My mom/family always decorated the graves for Memorial Day; not on any other holidays. It is interesting how customs like this get started. I know while she was still living, she would send money to a cousin to help with the expense of how they would decorate the graves of family members. Wise to weather proof the property as much as you can; you just never know what is in store for the weather in the weeks, months, years ahead.


Glenda said...

For the past twenty years since Aunt Nee gave up her car keys we've gone to the graves every Christmas with poinsettias and lilies for Easter. As she and Mom were part of a family with ten children that is a car full of beauty. For many years the cemetery in Palm Beach County on old Dixie [renamed Barack Obama Hwy] would allow only fresh flowers. Approximately five or six years ago they changed their policy to allow silks. I let her know yesterday that I'd be down to take the lilies Easter week. It's emotional therapy for her, at 97 she doesn't get out of the car but does love the special significance of watching me pulling a few weeds and planting with stakes, winds and sprinkler system can wreak havoc. I have only seven day before retrieval is required.
Hope you're enjoying your vacation, totally get that you need to hunker that beautiful spot down well. Hope your shop is strapped down?
Enjoy the wedding, not that y'all need to see lovers to get you in a romantic mode ~ that's been a constant for the past fiddy-five years that we've been acquainted :)
Love and warm hugs to both you two and those darling boys...Glenda

Lisa said...

You amaze me how you can get so much done all while writing a book and remodleing a home and traveling. You and Sherry are one tough couple!
We are not big on grave visiting and decorating either.
Hurricanes can be worrisome. I think your little house is a strong one though.

You guys stay safe out there on the road.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Always busy busy it seems there in your part of the world. Still on vacation and planning a trip is all good, great to have happy times and a wedding to look forward to.

2023 said...

Going to the family plots has been something I've been avoiding lately.
Over time I seem to avoid more & more things.
Sherry keeps the flame. It is a lovely thought, a lovely Action as well.

shirl72 said...

I have never been one to attend graves. They are in Heaven and not there, but
I understand people wanting to show respect. Mother and Dad didn't go back
to their grave sites Maybe that is why I don't. It does show respect and
let them know we still think about them and appreciate their lives when they were with us. OK I am ready for you to get on the road and start home.
Do be careful..

Mevely317 said...

I don't recall my family every decorating grave sites ... but appreciate the sentiment. It hurts my heart sometimes that I've never visited my folks' resting places (Fort Snelling in Minneapolis), but like Shirl said, I know they're not there.

Love Mark and Jack, Jr.'s slacks! :)))

Dar said...

Sweet Sherry's not changed. She's still as gorgeous as ever.....even the boys and her daddy looks like he was a very strong my Bill. We also know where our loved ones really are. I do love the sentiment of it tho....especially for those closest to us. I do, however, enjoy walking through a cemetery on Memorial weekend to see all the tributes of our soldiers, my Dad included. It's heartwarming and an honor.
Love n' hugs to you two as you travel to NC. Be safe and enjoy the spring colors. WI was cold today with gusts of wind while we stoked the fire cooking sap. The run is slowing down so soon we will finish our spring project. French toast and fresh maple syrup with hot coffee for breakfast. Come get it.