Monday, March 20, 2017

Click Bait

On another forum Bonnie from ‘Organic Discourse’ discourse brought up a term I faintly remember hearing, that is ‘Click Bait’.
Tonight I was guilty of taking the ‘Click Bait’ hung out in front of me.  And to be a sucker on this system is very silly. Being on the net via cell signal results in a very slow system. I was tied up over twenty minutes on a story that was NOTHING in the end.

Are you guilty of taking ‘Click Bait’?
On some of the stories below the News headlines are so obvious, they do not tempt me. Especially the ones with the bold type that says:

 “Could you use an extra $6,254.00 a week?” (Nah, who needs it!)

“Pay off your home in one year, no matter what you owe!”
(Now that is a good one!)

“Miracle drug from South American Forests, Take it and it STOPS Aging!”  (Must be a deadly poison! Death is the only thing that stops aging.)
“Wrinkled Old Woman (very words) loses her wrinkles in six days”. Gotta try it, Money back Guarantee.

Reminded me of the old farmer who had never seen an elevator before. In the lobby of a hotel he sees an old woman in the elevator and a few minutes later a young lady steps out the same doors.  He says to his son, “Go get your mama!”

That is a lot like ‘Click Bait’,  good term for the sucker ads on the internet, and it must work.
But with all that is there to click on, I am glad you clicked on The Shipslog, it ws great to have you.

Tonight I feel good.

Nite Shipslog

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Paula said...

I never click on those and I didn't know they were called that. I can't believe they think people could fall for a way like that to get money. I guess some do though since they keep on putting them out there.

betty said...

Hubby and me were just talking about this the other day. He'll get into a story that interests him and then he will have to click through several pages of ads to continue the story. Apparently, they (whoever they are) get paid for how many clicks are made. Fascinating!



just the other day i clicked on one featuring tiny houses and the darn thing hijacked my computer with a virus. took forever but we got rid of it.

Lisa said...

I've been a sucker for click bait before. I grabbed the bait but they didn't reel me in. It only took a time or two to learn my lesson. I thought about using a click bait title on my blog just to get some readers. hahaha. I'm not that creative though and my hook would probably shine.

dont take the bait!

2023 said...

It has caught me a few times, but not for long-going, or for any cash either.
A few times I've read a blog that is decidedly a CERTAIN political point of view, but has click-ads contrary to that view. It at first seemed extremely hypocritical, but now I believe they sell the space but don't control the ads, & have no idea what is up there until it is. If they do something about it after, I don't know. I've never wanted ad money for my blog which is a good thing now since very few people read the current one.

Mevely317 said...

I know better, I know better ... really, I do. Then, I go to kicking myself waiting forrrrrever for the advertisements to stop loading and find the story. Sometimes it's easier to read one of the comments to get the scoop.
Yellow journalism meets cyber space. Geeze. :(

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's definitely better not to click for sure. Too many crazy people trying to trick gullible people. It's strange enough just to listen to the news these days. Seems someone thinks up more and more crazy things every day. Sad there are too many gullible people that do get tricked. I don't click on anything I'm not sure of.