Sunday, March 5, 2017

I will make you look good

I have been very fortunate in my life. I have had good folk to cover for me. You know the term ‘watch my back.’ I have always had good folk working for me. When I was building a very nice home for my Brother Jr. It called for some tricky brick work. My nephew was an EXPERT (In capitols) with brick. He was my first choice. He turned down the job. He was very honest. “Uncle Jack, I might start the job then leave in the middle of it. You know I have a big drug problem it gets the best of me at times. I won't do you that way.” He recommended a mason.

I met the mason on the job. He looked it over and we agreed on a price. I liked him from the first. “I will call you tomorrow to tell you how many to order. The brick you have picked looks different with each cooking, so we need to order enough for the whole house on the first delivery. Make sure you tell them you want them all from the same batch.” He paused for a minute. “YOU do what I ask and I will make you look good.” This was my second big house, but the first time I had heard that line, “I will make you look good.”  BTW he did. It was a beautiful job.

(I never did get a good picture after landscaping)
I have had some very good ideas, many original in entertaining kids. With good props, my wife and musicians ‘made me look good.’ We stayed pretty well booked. Looking back I hate to think what many folks thought of my English.

In my every business and trade, someone made me look good.  My English composition is TERRIBLE (I know, you never noticed!). My sentences run on like I have no idea what a period is. If I like a word like Hot Dog, I might just capitalize it. I did finish  ten years in school with good grades, but I certainly did not pay enough attention to English.

Now in my fiction books, I like my simple ideas, but fact is I do not write it well. BUT thank God for Proof readers, They make me look good. (In my opinion!)
Yeah, and every day when Sherry and I walk hand in hand for a couple miles, SHE MAKES ME LOOK GOOD!

Again, thanks  for stopping by the Shipslog, I know you could be doing something else but I do appreciate your time.
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 This was the Rambler 1957 Cross country. We owned one of these. Loved the car!


betty said...

I appreciate the honesty of your nephew in turning down the job and being "man" enough to say why (even though it was not what you would have wanted him to be involved in). We had a contractor over the other week to give an estimate for putting a fence around the pool (now that grandson is ambulatory, not taking any risks). He was very forthcoming about his family's drug use (not him being involved but his dad serving time in prison for drugs and his son going to school to be a firefighter but realizing that more than likely his son would be working for him because of his drug problem and not being able to be employed as a firefighter). Got to give him an "A" for honesty on that part but we got another estimate that we are going with only because the guy listened to what hubby wanted for the fence and was willing to work on that rather than the 1st guy that promoted what he wanted not what we wanted. I think we have to take advantage of and appreciate those in our lives that "make us look good."


Jackie said...

Wonderful blogpost. The theme is beautifully woven throughout.
The brick home is lovely.
AND.... you had me when you capitalized Hot Dog. Yes!! Love 'em. Love 'em with mustard. Love 'em with chili....and my favorite: love 'em with sauerkraut.

Paula said...

I think you and Sherry both make each other look good. I like the design of that house. You impress me with all the things you have done in life and Sherry too right beside you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have a knack for making things look good for sure. Your Sherry does too! Appreciating how others make us look good too is something we often forget about. I too have others in life that have made me look good. So much I haven't been able to handle all on my own and good friends and family have done a great job of making me look good too. Hope you all have a great start to this new week. It's a busy one for me preparing for the move on the weekend!

Lisa said...

I think you and Sherry are a good team. You both make each other look good. I'm impressed with your work and your writing. You are very intelligent and interesting.

From the office chair

Mevely317 said...

Again, you've restored my faith in mankind. :)
Like my DH, when he was doing his handyman-schtick, if there was a job he didn't feel confident doing, he'd decline the offer -- and do his best to find someone who could.

Whether a business partnership or marriage, making one another 'look good' guarantees a positive outcome, don't you think? You and Sherry are such a great example!

I enjoyed these vignettes, Jack!


there is something beautiful about a brick home instead of a sided one. the one pictured that you built is gorgeous.

Rick Watson said...

That is so true Jack. My lovely spouse make me look (as good as humanly possible) by picking out clothes that look good on me. I have a tendency to choose unfortunate combinations.

2023 said...

Looking back I hate to think what many folks thought of my English-Jack wrote.

You are a good builder, an honest, generous & fair man. Ya can't have everything, dude, but, by the way, you also hit the Wife Lottery, so...