Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Russians did it!

The Russians know I am anti-communist.  Now I know they are out to get me.

I have a problem on State Road 46 here in Florida. It connects I-4 and Highway 441 at Mt. Dora. We travel that road many times in the winter months. To go to Wildwood and Orlando RV parks, and also to check out mail at Eustis, FL.

Just today I realized who is behind it. THE BEAR! Isn’t that the Russian symbol? (R= REd or Russian the same, right?)

Okay here is the problem Our Honda Fit is recognized every time I am on that road.  Even if it is being towed and hid behind out big motor home. ONE DANGED TRAFFIC LIGHT CATCHES ME EVERY TIME. OF course after I had stopped and awaited the green,(do I get green, HA!))Today I realized it was the Russians. Just past the light I saw the sign it was a BIG BLACK BEAR, camouflaged with the words ( Bear Crossing).. SO it finally hit me. The Russians are after me because I am anti-Communist. They know it is the little things that will make me lose my religion. What the sign said in code was:The Russian's are CROSSING the pond to get you!
 (I can take a hint)
Let me tell you this, YOU CANNOT TRUST ‘EM Ruskies!
So today, after I shook my Russian tails, and made it to our hiding place, Evelyn (and Don) had us a great Irish meal of Corn beef and cabbage and potato salad. Coffee and lemon pie. Delicious! 

Later Evelyn came over to tell me The Russians had been into my ‘Johnny’ book, messed with my manuscript and made a lot of mistakes. She is helping me fix THE RUSSIANS mistakes. At least there is some satisfaction in this dangerous world. I may fool them and not go back across Florida on State Road 46!!!!!

I do hope they are leaving you alone while they pester me! Ifthe entry seems confused, it has a right to be, 'em ruskies is skerrie!

Nite Shipslog  

 But when your trip ends seeing this beauty, you cannot complain. An early to mid fifties packard convertible. a beauty.


betty said...

The dinner sounds delicious and I don't think it is anything the Russians might find appealing :)


Jackie said...

Good one, Jack.
Made me smile!

Lisa said...

Make since to me. Hahaha. Love that packard! There is an old car show at the beach this weekend. If we go, im sure we will see many on the road coming and going.

Dont blog and drive!

Unknown said...

Darling son said the Russians had hacked our weather here in NC. It was in the lower 20's last night!

Mevely317 said...

LOL! I'd like to blame the Russians for our recent heat wave .....