Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I do wish I had ‘learned in High School’ and finished. I also have a regret that I did not see the need of a college education. My father had a 3rd grade education and was wiser than most folk who earned a doctorate. He tried to tell me, but I kept seeing him and his success and asked myself why? If he did it I can. BUT at that time,  I did not know how much of a man my dad really was.

What I never realized until too late,  he was educated. Self-educated, is still educated. He had a library of probably 500 books. He was always self-conscience of his education. In his position as a pastor he had dealings with city councils and state & national reps. One governor, Governor Cherry, was his close friend. Late in life I was very proud of dad.

One of his comments about men who constantly mentioned their education, “If a person is educated, they will not have to tell you.”

I am glad that some educated folk read the Shipslog, it is flattering.  It is fairly easy to tell that most folk who comment are educated. It is easy also to see that like me, some may not know English well. However they are very wise and common sense smart themselves.

I have never met Bonnie (Organic Discourse), but I met her on an internet forum. I have followed her as she went toe to toe with men of (supposed) intellect and always (in my opinion) bested most. I did not know Bonnie’s education level (still don’t) when I asked her to proof a book of mine. She did a superb job.

Sweet Mary, who has commented lately, is highly educated, methinks. I  enjoy her blog, (when she blogs) even if I have to read it two times to know what she said, I always get a kick out of her writing. She also does an amazing concise comment. I love it. I assume Betty, Myra, Lisa, Rick, Jackie and probably MA have degrees.

I mention to Sherry often about taking a course or two in writing or English (If she will ever settle down long enough). Rick jokes about his books being returned from proofing bleeding red, shucks, he doesn’t even know the color. I could teach him RED! I did hear of a comment from one proofer this time where she said, “Jack must be getting better or we are easier on him, a few pages don’t have corrections.”

I may keep on writing, I get enough royalties now to buy my cigarettes, especially since I quit smoking ;0.

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betty said...

With the price of cigarettes these days, the royalties must be good :) (I don't smoke; I just keep track of what a pack costs, kind of like keeping track of what a gallon of gasoline costs.)

Thanks for the flattering opinion of what my possible degree could be, but not an ounce of college in me. However, I read a lot and believed in using a higher level of a word if available for this or for that, and then of course listening to doctors all day, I pick up their jargon and whatnot. I never regretted not having a college degree; I felt I had a job skill that would be in demand and would afford me a decent living. What I didn't take into consideration was the technology that would overtake the industry and reduce my skills to nothing like it formerly was. Lesson learned for another lifetime (not that I would get that chance for another lifetime :)


Lisa said...

I struggled in reading and writing since 2nd grade. I was always in the "special" reading classes. I still had no interest. Once I reached middle school and high school, I would fail every english class. I struggled and went to many summer schools to get to the next grade. I finally gave up in the 12th grade as I was failing my graduation class. To skip the humiliation, I quit and went to get my GED.
I have learned more since being put of school than in school. My blogging is my part of self learning.
I could never proof a book but a mistake will jump out at me sometimes.

Keep writing

shirl72 said...

Brother you are a genius. I wish some of your would have been passed on to me. I am a HS gra-u-ate..but you are smarter than me. I got the piece of paper saying saying I am a HS graduate. I think common sense is the most important in today's world. It seems like anything goes...I understand that in school today they play all day. Brother remember you did more than most of us You were in the Marines, Air Force and retired Navy. That is a lot to be proud of. You smarter than me. When you take test you are rated as genius.

Jackie said...

Education and wisdom are different.
Methinks you have plenty of both!!

Mevely317 said...

My former FIL used to quip, he graduated from the School of Hard Knocks ... but never a wiser man have I met. Nope, I've only 2 years college, and attended only because it was an 'expectation.' 'Not sure how it might be effected, but I'd love to see classes offered in Common Sense.

Proofing? When I worked for the sales team at WTSP, they'd regularly apologize for their grammatical uh-oh's. I'd tell them, "Just shut up. What YOU do is far more important, and besides, you're giving me a reason to be here, collecting a pay check!"


yep i too graduated from the school of hard knocks.

Rick Watson said...

You are too funny Jack. I spent a lot of time in school, but like your dad, I discovered that every day is a school day. Sometimes the best teachers aren't behind lecterns, but someone who's been bit on the butt by a perplexing problem.

Thanks for the shout out.