Friday, March 10, 2017

What? Me forget? HA!

I know my memory is bad.  It is so bad I forget that it is bad. During the day I will come up with a whiz-bang idea for a blog entry. I will think about it and of neat things to say. Then I forget I have told myself: JACK YOU WON’T REMEMBER THIS, REMEMBER THE HUNDRED TIMES YOU HAVE DONE THE SAME THING AND FORGET IT. Then I say to myself (yep I talk to myself too): You have done this before, go inside and write it down. NOT THIS TIME (I tell me) THIS IS GOOD, I WILL NOT FORGET IT THIS TIME.”  So I lie to myself again. How can I forget lying to myself that many times?

  Lisa, Don't tell 'them' folk who called you a dog hater, but I painted our dog!
 Since I don’t know the subject I will tell you my volunteer tomato plant is doing great. They are grape or cherry tomatoes methinks. I have about six little ½ pea-size green ones and about 20 more blooms. If I am so danged forgetful, how can I remember that?
The Gardenia Friend Glenda brought up is doing well, it has been about 10 days and I haven’t killed it yet! I have been watering it every day.  Our palm tree out front scares me. I worry about it dying, Lots of dead fronds, but some nice green in the center. That may be normal but I went to a hardware and bought Palm tree fertilizer and put the suggested amount around the tree. I wanted to double the amount since we will be leaving soon for a few months, but I restrained myself. I may put half the suggested amount in a few weeks before we head out. Can’t hurt, CAN IT?

Imma tell you, the next time I get a great idea, Imma write it down immediately, if I don’t forget! I mean that!

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1949-51 Nash. This was one of the  cars called an upside down bath tub.



I had to chuckle about the forgetfulness. Seems I have the same problem. Hope your cherry tomamtoes grow. They are great in salads.

betty said...

Neat about the tomatoes growing :) A delicious treat when they are ripened and ready to eat! I used to write my best blog posts at 3 a.m. lying in bed and of course forget them by morning. Now, with age, I'm usually just going to the bathroom at 3 a.m. and falling back to sleep soon afterwards :) They do suggest people keep a pad and pen on their night stands in case they get inspired at night or remember something they to do. Sounds like too much energy to actually take the time to write the thoughts down :)


Paula said...

My one tomato plant doesn't need water. We're thankful we've had a lot lately. I'm glad to know we aren't the only ones with that memory problem.

Dar said...

I have a Very good memory, but it's VERY short. Ain't it fun? Sometimes I have to walk back to where I had that great idea, to recall what it was. Or here's a funny one that actually works ~~~ Sometimes ~~~ press the side of your nose til you remember what you forgot ! LOL I couldn't believe that one.
~Love your puppy. What's his/her name? Woof?
~As for the fertilizer, ah, too much can burn the roots., just sayin', so continue the restraint. Your tree will thank you.
Loveya, missya, hugya, kissya both from our home where the north winds still give us the chills.

Mevely317 said...

Yes, what Dar asked ... what's the pup's name? :)

Unfortunately, I get some of my best(?) ideas in the morning while driving to work. I promise myself I'll makes notes as soon as I get to my desk, but more often than not it never happens. (It just occurred to me, I've never had occasion to use the 'record' feature on my phone. Hmmmmm.)

Have a beautiful day!

Rick Watson said...

I use the phone in my pocket for helping me to remember. When I think of a great blog entry, I go to the notes app look for my blog ideas section and capture the thought. I might forget that I had the idea, but when I need an idea for a blog entry, I go ther fires. That's the way I deal with it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

If I don't write things down and then keep the note pad in front of me, I will forget too. If it wasn't for my family and friends I'd be totally lost right now. My head is spinning with all there is to do with the moving.
Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday !