Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Driving in the USA, the most dangerous highways

Our life for the past 15-18 years has been on the road. When I read this list of the most dangerous highways in the USA, I was surprised that the one we live on in Deltona (I-4) is the most dangerous in the USA. WHAT?

Here is the top ten list and we have driven many of them.
1. Interstate 4 — Tampa to Daytona Beach (132 miles; 1.41 fatalities per mile)
2. Interstate 45 — Dallas to Houston
3. Interstate 17 — Phoenix to Flagstaff, Ariz.
4. Interstate 30 -— Fort Worth, Texas, to Little Rock, Ark.
5. Interstate 95 — Miami to Houlton, Maine (1,926 miles; 0.89 fatalities per mile)
6. Interstate 19 — Nogales, Mexico, to Tucson, Ariz.
7. Interstate 10 — Santa Monica, Calif., to Jacksonville (2,460 miles; 0.85 fatalities per mile)
8. Interstate 37 — Corpus Christi to San Antonio, Texas
9. Interstate 26 — Kingsport, Tenn., to Charleston, S.C.
10. Interstate 97 — Annapolis, Md., to Baltimore

We have driven the full length of some of these. We have been fortunate. We have had blowouts on some of them. Once, on I-95, a car hit the concrete divider as it was passing us and did a  180 slide around across in front of our coach and did not hit anyone. That was the only time I wished I had a dash cam. He was doing about 80mph we were doing about 60mph and no other cars were hit although it was crowded and no one was hurt. At no time did I feel we were in danger (Sherry was a different story). I braked and let his car do what it was going to do.  Of course it could have been disastrous, but it wasn’t. And it was over in a matter of seconds. 99% of our rides in this coach have been a joy ride. 

(I 55-I 64crossing the Mississippi at St. Louis, safe roads)

 Sherry knows I prefer to drive west of the Mississippi.  The views are spectacular and the traffic is minimal. We set this dude on cruise control, about 59-60, sit back, enjoy the scenery and relax. I cannot describe the feeling. I definitely feel safer than a pilot of a 747 with about a million less controls and buttons. LOL And my view is much better than his.
 (I 90 Badlands and Mt Rushmore safe roads)

I know at 78 years old, my time of long distance driving is growing shorter, but I am going to enjoy every mile until my mind says, “Jack, you cannot handle this rig anymore.”

I would love to drive:
1.      Back to Alaska.(scenery)
2.      Thru Pennsylvania to Maine again.(scenery & friends)
3.      Nevada/Utah thru Missouri & Arizona (scenery,friends & family)
4.      San Antonio thru Nawlins (friends and some chicory coffee with  be-neighs!)
5.      The UPPER area of Michigan down thru Wisconsin (scenery, family and friends)
But I am afraid life might get in the way before those trips become reality.
But I can dream……..
Nite Shipslog
 This was the Overland Coach, towing a van. We circled the USA a couple times in it. (That is Sonny, my buddy!)


Paula said...

Now I know why I hate to drive or ride on Interstate 37. As you know it is very near us. I stick to 281 when I go to San Antonio.

Mevely317 said...

Ha! I was just telling 'Ma' that I want to have me some chicory coffee one of these days. Would you bring me a cup on your way west? (*smile*)

This is an interesting list, indeed. Now, my fear/loathing of I-17 is at least justified!!! I-10's not far behind. Last time we drove to Alabama, I opted for my old friend, I-20.

betty said...

It is always good to dream, isn't it? We spent a lot of time on Highway 17 from Phoenix to the Prescott turn off (about 30 miles south of continuing to Flagstaff). That road is a tough one and I spent a lot of my time with my eyes closed (my reflex when hubby is dangerously close to hitting something). That stretch has been known to have terrible accidents and be closed for long periods of time (never happened to us; so thankful of that). Hubby drives south on Highway 17 to Highway 10 on his way to work. That can be equally as bad.

The older I get, the less I truly want to drive :)


Lisa said...

Jack, stop dreamin and start peddling! Your not too old yet. Just go. Do it.
Just try to avoid those dangerous roads please!

Off to work

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your life on the road has been amazing. You have been very fortunate in your travels and I am hoping will be in many years to come. Having seen so much of our wonderful country and beyond is something not many of us get to do. I'm looking forward to hearing new stories from the road.

Dar said...

Bill says more than a dozen cars/trucks on the road and he'll stay home, and more than 3 cars in the parking lot of a restaurant and he'd stay home. He's definitely my homebody. I do most the driving long distance now but still prefer the slower pace of life we've become accustomed to.
We enjoyed ' sap coffee ' yesterday made with maple sap straight out of the tree. What a treat.
Keep traveling as long as you can. It's become what you love and we should all do what we love, right!!! Travel safe with God in the bucket seat next to Sherry. Love you guys.


As I've gotten older I find I want to be on the hwys. less and less.