Thursday, December 21, 2017

Humans live and die even Uncle Inman

Tonight’s Historical Photo:
Thousands of books found in a cave, mostly Buddist. These were
hid for 900 years. Mostly written on silk.

Drum roll-- Great Granddaughter's name is

   Rosemary Elizabeth Darnell....

Now for tonight's blog:
Life goes on. Babies are born and an old person passes or heads for assisted living. We old folk used to pass away from 55-75 years of age. I remember as a child I used to think my great grandpa Hilley was at least 150 years old. He was probably 70.
LOL. Shucks, I just checked, he was much older than I was thinking. He was born 1866 died 1952 he was 86 when he died. That surprises me, none of his children lived to be that age. He out lived all his children except one. My Uncle Inman lived to be a little older.
I could never forget Uncle Inman. When we visited Great Grandpa Hilley, he had 2 bedrooms, at night we were farmed out or slept on the floor. Uncle Inman liked me. He lived in a shot-gun house on the Hilley property. It did not have screen doors but the front door and back doors were wide open for the cooler air.
He musta never threw away a Prince Albert Tobacco can. There were stacks of them in the 2x4 walls (no drywall or wood on the inside of the house.)  You could actually see thru the cracks in the walls. I slept with him in a wood frame bed on a ‘feather tick’ (feather mattress). It was nothing but a big muslin sack, filled with feathers. He was fat, and I could not help but roll down against him as he snored. I usually slept well but one night I heard a ghost run thru the house. In just a few minutes a whole pack of dogs ran right thru the house one was barking. Uncle Inman did not stir.
I felt pretty good and went to sleep. After all, the dogs chased the ghost out. Inman told me the next day, it was a fox, and they like to try to throw the dogs off the trail by running thru here. I was about 6, I liked that idea better than a ghost. LOL
Back when there were no nursing homes or assisted living there was the county home. A home for the penniless county citizens. I don’t remember any of our family going there. They usually died too soon.
It shocks me to think I have reached 79 next month and my sister Shirl has made it to 81. We are the last of Mama & Daddy’s family of 7 children. 

Life gets confusing as you age.

Nite Shipslog

Letting the cat out of the bag is a whole lot 
       easier than putting it back in.
A  '50's Merc Custom. I think this would be a 1953 Merc


jack69 said...

I tried four times to fix Rosemary's name in a larger font, but it stayed small. Of course she is small, at present!

betty said...

I love Rosemary's name! So pretty!! Too fun about the fox that you thought was a ghost :)



what an interesting story about your uncle.

Lisa said...

Loved this story. Me and Nick have been sitting here dicussing “shot gun houses” after I read this. I had to ask exactly what it was and it got him telling some of his own stories. (Hes got 10 years on me). The first house we lived in when we got married didnt have air condition for years and we survived. You could also see the basement throught the cracks of the old pine floors. I loved that house.

This was good

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Life is a circle. We come we go and it starts all over again. It seems you have a story for every situation and I love hearing about them. Love the new great grands name too.

Mevely317 said...

I love imagining that old shotgun home ... the feather tick mattress and Uncle Inman's snores. Oh how you keep us entertained!

Count me in (on) loving little Miss Rosemary's name! Reminds me of singing along with Edison LightHouse on my car's radio:

"There's something about her hand holding mine
It's a feeling that's fine
And I just gotta say (hey!)
She's really got a magical spell
And it's working so well
That I can't get away.
I'm a lucky fella
And I've just got to tell her
That I love her endlessly
Because Love grows where my Rosemary goes
And nobody knows like me."

Glenda said...

Oh what a wonderful post, love the Unc Inman story! And like Mevely, recall that song, such a pretty name ~ look forward to her beautiful pics!!!

Dar said...

I also love miss Rosemary Elizabeth Darnell's name. Our next door neighbors children all have names of yesteryears. I LOVE IT~
The fine memories of Uncle Inman charmed me. It took me back to memories of my own of my Grandpa O. Sweet stuff. Also, there was a feather bed worn pretty thin by 9 kids, so much so that it became a blanket eventually. Mom's 88 so you still have some catching up to do. She's doing wonderful, thought you'd want to know. I know how you enjoyed visiting her.
love n' hugs from up north where Santa is getting closer by a jingle

Chatty Crone said...

My dear mom was Rosemary - great name.

I tell you what Jack - I thought that as I got older I would understand more - and guess what - I understand less.

Like you post.

Paula said...

I remember several of those old shotgun houses in my little hometown. Shirl and I are the same age. Hope she is doing well.