Saturday, December 9, 2017

Book titles

Historical photo:
 Our oldest brother was an artist in wood. He built  a fleet of ships. This is the USS North Carolina, this model is 9'long. Built out of wood.While he lived it was displayed in many prestigious places.  His widow had donated it to the USS NC memorial. Shirl and I delivered it. This is the day of delivery. That is the real ship in the back ground.
Now today:

Let me see, I have thought about writing about our life. I just ran across a list of titles for ‘our’ book. They were listed in a private place. I don’t plan on writing about us, so the names do not matter. But as I read these proposed names I smiled here are some of them:
J and S, Good Eggs…….Cornbread and Milk****Like Old People ***** Never Too Old *** J&S=Bifocals  ***J&S, Bifocals and Sunglasses *** White wall Tires (what was I thinking?) ***** Too Many Lugnuts (My head wasn’t right that day) ***Final Support **** Just an Old Couple **** He and She ***** Her and Him **** Love and War (Nah) **** Two For Love **** Two, That is Really One *** Seniors and Still in Love**** Hard Questions (What the heck?) **** Who Won The War? ****Loving Seniors***
Over the years I put those prospective book titles on a list. Some of them I cannot remember why. But you can bet at the time I thought, “Now that is catchy.”
Anyway, you may get an idea how my pea brain works.
I musta thought ‘that could be good,’ or I would not have recorded it.
I remember ‘Cornbread and Milk’ I was to be “Cornbread and she would be Milk.”  LOL I was probably eating cornbread and milk at the time. The two go together and I love it.
I hope this entry didn’t waste too much of your paper!
Hey you! Yep you. THANKS for stopping by and reading all the way to here! I know you have better things to do, and I ‘preciate it.

UPDATE: I came back for a note. After publishing this about titles I will have a confession in tomorrows entry. It concerns a lapse of memory about this would be book.. I am off to try to write tomorrow's post.

 Nite Shipslog
PS:I just threw that list away!

PS2: Wisdom from the Farmer:
*******  *****************  ************

Big brother Odis with the Columbus's Pinta
He loved that Ford Pickup in the back ground



I LOVE your titles. MY favorite one is Seniors and Still in Love. It seems to suit you and Sherry.

Mevely317 said...

That looks like Tom's old Ford Ranger!

My favorite is Whitewall Tires ... not sure, but I smiled remembering a term that's gone by the wayside.
Not so much anymore, but Tom used to be really 'into' modeling boats and WWII aircraft. What he wouldn't give to have seen this up close and in person!

betty said...

I like Loving Seniors :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You've both have such a wonderful time together it might be nice to write a book about about it. I enjoyed reading your list of titles and had to chuckle at some of them. Now I'm the one that's hungry for cornbread and milk... Hope you all have a Happy Sunday !

Dar said...

and I'm hungry for cornbread and sweet're something else triggering food thoughts. lol I love the pictures of the ships Odis built. Those are absolutely amazing and would be educational to see. What an fine wood artist your brother was. Thanks for sharing a picture of him. It's always nice to place a face with a name.
love n' hugs from up north.........always