Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Cards & opinions.

Historical photo:
 Atlanta, Georgia before it was burned at Gen Sherman's orders.

Merry Christmas
There are Christmas Cards:

I am not a card person. My Sherry is.  Maybe most ladies are. When a grandson has a birthday, she must find a card that says “Happy birthday Grandson”. Also the verse must be right. I have to admit I have read card verses that were just ‘wrong’, but most of them are so generic and flattering, you are not going to be wrong. (Disclaimer that is in my opinion.) 
 I did love the cards Sherry used to hang around the living room door frame.
Now going to a granddaughter I can understand it. But boys for the most part are actually interested in the check inside. LOL. Oh don’t get me wrong, the boys do appreciate the card and most do read the verse inside.  But over all they had just as well hear HAPPY BIRTHDAY go out to eat and get the Birthday present.

Christmas cards?  We have cut back a lot. I am not worried by the cost but some people's budget says they must watch it. I do not want them to feel obligated to send us one. If you send 50 cards now, that is $25.00! Next year will probably cut back more. If you do not send cards and get one from a friend, do you then get a card and return the thoughtful person’s effort?

OR in the same vein, if you get a card for someone you do not normally send to, do you respond in kind this year or put them on the list for next year?

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betty said...

I haven't sent many cards the past few years; none this year. I don't go out and get a card to send if someone sent a card to me. I bet it will be a dying art in a few years as us "oldies but goodies" start either cutting back, not sending them at all, or pass away. I knew something was "wrong" with my mom, who was meticulous about sending birthday cards, Christmas cards, and anniversary cards, when we didn't get a card from her for our October anniversary; she died about 2 months later.



i'm a card sender like sherry. but you're right about the cost of cards. you can pay six dollars for just one.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like your sweetie, I love to send cards and do for most every occasion. I've always sent Christmas cards and this year will be no different except that they are going out late, hopefully today! It doesn't matter who I get them from my list remains the same although every year it does get shorter due to some who've sadly died. One thing not so good about living longer. You'll have to look for my Christmas Greetings in my post tomorrow! Merry Christmas to the sweetest couple I know!

Lisa said...

We used to sit down the day after Thanksgiving and write out about 30 Christmas cards to mail out. Now we only send a couple out to those we do not see often. It had just gotten to where it got too expensive and most people do not care for them. I am like Sherry, I love getting cards and will hang them around the door frame in the hallway. When my daughter comes home for Christmas, she will read every one of them and let me know which is her favorite. I have put them away after Christmas and used them for crafts or make gift tags for the next year.

Merry Christmas Eve

Lisa said...

Oh and we got a really sweet card from Florida this year. I was so excited! Nick was too! It was such a surprise. Its fun to get a card unexpected.

Glenda said...

This is the first year I've not sent Christmas cards and I'm feeling guilty when I get a phone call or text asking for my new address....but I did make a major move between Thanksgiving and Christmas and that's my excuse! I love receiving cards and also like to the cover the door frame and even make a "tree" on the door ~ am not getting as many as in days gone by ~ for all the reasons named above. Probably Facebook has taken the place of the ritual :)
Merry Christmas Eve!

Mevely317 said...

Oh! I remember my mother hanging Christmas cards around and on the door. At times there were so many I feared we'd run out of room. How I loved those containing photos and/or newsletters!

... but like Betty said, I suspect this custom is fading into the sunset. We've not sent cards for the last few years, and yes I feel a twinge (or several). Perhaps I'll take a page from an associate who - in lieu of Christmas - sends Valentines cards.

Merry Christmas, Jack and Sherry!

Jackie said...

December 24, 2017
Merry Christmas, my friend....

Dar said...

Like my mother, we make more phone calls now than sending cards. It's so nice to hear voices with our visits. I'm sad sending cards has already become a thing of our past. Yes, it's expensive, yes, most don't send them anymore but I do miss the sending and receiving. I, too, have to pick out the ' just right one ' when I do send cards of any kind. I still have cards I'd received 50-60 yrs that hoarding or savoring fond memories?
love n' hugs this Christmas Night from up north where it's minus-22 degrees out with a wind chill minus-30 below. Before morning it's supposed to reach minus -40.....we are tucked in til this icy cold front passes next week.