Tuesday, December 5, 2017

What has given you joy, left a lasting smile

Historical Photo:
A Soup Kitchen during the  Great Depression.

 That was sad, but Joy does come:
Sherry and I have traveled a lot. That is not bragging, it is just what we want to do. We are fortunate to have set-foot-in, and visited every state in the USA and many countries. Most of the time it has been done as my grandsons’ would say, ‘on the cheap’. I am definitely not ashamed of being frugal or traveling reasonable.

We have visited famous ‘tourist destinations’ and camped in state and national parks. We saw and enjoyed the same entertainment and sights that folks in hotels were paying 100-200$ a night to see.  But all that aside.

We are asked many times, “What is the most interesting place you have ever visited?” Traveling it seemed that so many things gave me joy.

I learned there is nothing like laying back in a mountain stream clothes and all when you are just exhausted from climbing over a mountain.

 The most exhilarating feeling I can ever remember was looking down from a mountain peak and seeing eagles and hawks soaring BELOW us.

Hiking through the Smokys I got a kick out of a family hiking. They were ‘home’ schooling. The day I saw them the mother was ‘mountain’ schooling them on the flora of the region.
It is impossible to miss the fearlessness and dedication of young girls 16-18yrs old  and Grandmas hiking alone, with enthusiasm in the wilderness.

It is truly impossible to pick one place. The inspiration of Rushmore with its massive ‘ART’. Then to see the ongoing carving of Crazy Horse. The massiveness of the Grand Canyon is spectacular.

 San Antonio’s River Walk should be seen when you visit the Alamo. The Walk is just across the street.

 You shouldn’t miss the other missions in San Antonio.
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I believe this is another early Merc customized, but it could be a Chevy.


betty said...

You and Sherry have visited so many wonderful places. I would have to say seeing the eagles and the hawks being below you would be rather impressive!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be hard to pick a favorite. I know from what little I've done, the world is an amazing place. Just watching the sunset last night held me in awe..

Dar said...

New born babies and their softest skin, a grandlove's smile and giggles, Christmas and all it Really is., just a few wonders of my world that make me smile and fill me with joy. I thank you for taking us on your travels through your pictorial stories. It's also been pure joy.
love n' hugs from up in our very chilly north. The snowing temp is 13 that feels like 4 degrees....brrrrrrr, time to feed the birds to keep them warm

Mevely317 said...

Yours and Sherry's enthusiasm is so great!

My dad always claimed (that) travel was education in and of itself. (At least that's what he told my 2nd grade teacher when we visited Europe during the school year. LOL!)
We traveled aboard the Queen Elizabeth and back on the Mary, which some people thought was hoity-toity -- but ours were 3rd-class/steerage accommodations. Dad didn't care. We arrived safely the same as everyone else!

I don't think I could sleep nights were I to travel beyond ours means.


You and your lovely wife have seen more things than most. I like the visual of the birds soaring below you.

Chatty Crone said...

It's been a wonderful life for you and Sherry - you two are inspiration!