Sunday, December 3, 2017

Peroxide and blonde hair

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 Lunch time when you are building a skyscraper in the 40's!

Peroxide.... 4th-5th grades…. , hey that was a new word to me. I had never heard of it. But I was told if you want blonde hair, get peroxide & soak your hair in it and stay in the sun awhile. Your brown hair would be a cool blonde. Hey it worked. I was cool. Mama and daddy never said a word. I never expected that from a ‘holiness preacher’. But I sure was cool with that blonde hair.

About the fifth grade I learned peroxide was really for cleansing cuts and scratches. My dog had always handled that (Did you ever hear a dog’s lick was healing?) But I did remember what it was used for as I grew up. I used it often, heck it didn’t burn like alcohol.  I used it regularly.

When I got old and visited a country dentist here in Florida. His office was in a trailer and he was a great guy but in poor health. He suggested that I have his assistant clean my teeth. Hey, these teeth are over 70 years old and haven’t been cleaned too often so why not? The young lady acted like she was appalled at my teeth on the inner sides.

She said, “You should rinse your mouth with peroxide. Hold about an ounce in your mouth for a couple minutes and rinse well with fresh water, do not swallow it.”

My mind is saying, “What? Put peroxide in my mouth?”  Whatever….. She is a professional after all.  So I did for a long time. 

Soooooooooooo like everything in this modern world, yesterday I read that peroxide IS NOT GOOD for cuts. It ‘might possibly’ kill the good bacteria you need to heal the wound. When leaked into the stomach and intestines it will kill the good bacteria used by the body to stay healthy. Now dadgummit I am getting confused by all these professionals that contradict each other on a regular basis.

I never noticed the peroxide lightening my teeth!

Why doesn’t someone say, hey peroxide ain’t good for nothing but bleaching your hair?

Peroxide, do you use it?

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Paula said...

Never had to use peroxide, my hair was always light.

Mevely317 said...

That's pretty cute about your 'little self' wanting to be blonde!

My parents were big on using peroxide for just about anything that ails ... usually canker sores. I hated it when mom advised, "Wait until it cooks." All these years later, it's a staple in our bathrooms.

PS - Somehow/somewhere, a couple weeks ago I was bit by a black widow (or brown recluse). While the darn thing is slow to heal, Tom keeps telling me to put peroxide on it. I'm sticking with good old rubbing alcohol!

Lisa said...

We hid our cuts and scrapes from momma so she would not use alcohol on them! Peroxide was ok. Like you said, it didnt burn so I was ok with it. When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, he recommend I rinse with peroxide mixed with water. I have to say it made my teeth seem whiter. But it made my gums raw. We still use peroxide on wounds.
Peroxide will also get blood out of carpet and fabrics. Remember that next time you cut yourself shaving,
Lemon juice and water will lighten hair in the sun very well. Thats how my daughter gets her beachy summer blonde.


betty said...

Reading Myra's comments, I'm surprised she didn't end up in the doctor's office. Both spiders of that nature I think can "pack a mighty punch." Peroxide was a staple at our house growing up for cuts and scratches :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I learn something new every day. I've always used peroxide to clean cuts and didn't know it wasn't good for you. Oh dear, just about the time I think I know something it seems I don't.

Chatty Crone said...

I have heard of a dog lick being cleansing - lol. You know if something is good for you today - you can count on it not being good for you tomorrow! lol


I'm surprised your parents didn't say something about your hair being blonde.

Dar said...

LOL on the rebel you were as a kid, or still am. LOL I had to giggle.
Bill still uses peroxide to rinse his mouth with but not daily. Yep, heard that a dog's lick is good but then where was that lick otherwise? hmmmm.eek.
Mom also always used peroxide for our booboos.
love n' hugs from up north where it's raining that's supposed to turn to snow.
That's ok. Christmas is coming!