Wednesday, December 20, 2017

On the road and a new baby

Tonight’s Historical Photo:
 (1930's steel worker on the Empire State building)

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We are over night near Savannah Georgia, but still in SC. 

The traffic today was amazingly sparse.  We started off in the rain. Some very heavy.  But before we reached our overnight spot we had out-run the rain and we parked in the dry.(rain just caught up)

On the road, As you would expect, everything loose must be anchored so it won’t move around. If not stored pretty well, pots, pans and dishes can get on your nerves (if your hearing is good).

When we get ready to leave Sherry takes care of the inside and I do the outside. She has always stored her cast iron frying pan in the oven. (Not much frying anymore, but it is to bake cornbread) Anyway that makes too much noise going down the road. So it and the toaster oven must go back on the bed. Her birthday rose goes back on the bed also, but for protection so it won’t fall over. Our dining table chairs have rollers so she uses a large bungee cord that she places around them to hold them in place.
 (BTW do you wash your cast iron, or just wipe it out?)

90% of our trips everything stays in place, but there is always the exception, like the other day when the dump truck pulled out in front of us and I had to lock the coach brakes down. At times like that you learn what you forgot to secure. LOL
Just a little trivia about the RV living.

OH YEAH! Sherry is a great grandmother again. We thought we might be home for the birth of Josh and Megan’s baby, but knowing that babies don’t always arrive on some ‘scheduled’ date, we decided to head south. We were into South Carolina when Josh called and told us the baby was here, and was a girl.

The couple had chosen NOT to learn the gender of the baby BEFORE birth. Odd in this day and time methinks. I actually dreamed the baby was a girl, I told Sherry a week or so ago but decided to keep it to ourselves, since I ain’t no real prophet. LOL 

Then Sherry told him I had dreamed a girl. Sherry asked her name, he said they still had not decided. LOL Josh being the witty guy he is said, “But if grandpa had given us the heads-up we would have.” LOL

Mama and baby girl are healthy.

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Lisa said...

Congrats on the new little one. I have a new great-nephew . He was born a little over a week ago. Hes a cutie.
26 years ago, I didnt want to know what I was having but the nurse let it slip. Gosh darn it.
Cast Iron pans? I have three and only use one to make cornbread but there sure has been some good stuff cooked in those things in the past. I wash mine then crisco it. My iron pans have a special place in the kitchen. My daughter asked for a cast iron pan for Christmas. Cant seem to find one as good as mommas!

Safe travels

Chatty Crone said...

So why do you call them Sherry's? They are yours too! Congrats. I bet you do have to have things tied down. And that photo - gives me weak knees! Sandie

betty said...

Congrats to Megan and Josh on their newborn little girl and congrats to the whole family. I have heard of other couples not wanting to know the sex of the baby until it was born; kind of neat because that was how things were in the "old days."

Hubby is in charge of the cast iron skillet cleaning. He usually washes them but will oil them if they need to be oiled. Hasn't done so in a while so we aren't either using them as much or they look "okay" to him.


Mevely317 said...

Congratulations on your GREAT little girl! That's pretty sweet about them keeping the gender a surprise.

Tom and I've elected not to postpone exchanging Christmas gifts this year ... I want to wait 'til we've relocated to find a real cast iron skillet and learn to make (real) cornbread. (PS - Tom says never put them in water.)


never suppose to put soap in a cast iron skillet. congrats to the family for the new baby girl.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Too bad you weren't there for the arrival of your newest family member, but still I'm sure you are overjoyed ! I'm thinking you must be headed back to Florida for Christmas. Glad the traffic is light for you. I do love my cornbread baked in a cast iron skillet too and these days that is what it gets used for more than not. Cornbread is so much better when you bake it in the cast iron skillet. Safe travels and hope Christmas finds you in Florida!

Dar said...

Congratulations parents and Great exciting a new baby in the cradle during Christmas week. God sure blessed you all.
We use our cast iron for baking, roasting, even frying eggs, steaks. I love the stuff...far better than any of the new copper pans. Keeping your cast iron seasoned properly and washed proper and it will last forever. I have pieces well over 50 yrs. old. I NEVER put soap on them and after each use, I put a couple drops of olive or veg. oil on them, wipe with a paper towel, let it til next use. I haven't had to re-season mine for years.
Awaiting baby girls name.
love n' hugs from up north...winter has arrived.