Friday, December 22, 2017

Great trip, then I did something stupid!

First things FIRST: Meet Miss Rosemary Elizabeth Darnell, The naughty lady of Lima Lane:

Tonight’s Historical Photo:
Ann Franks dad Otto, returning to the attic where they had been hidden. He was the only survivor.

Well it wasn’t really a total disaster BUT…

Okay first. The weather cooperated great. WE stayed dry with rain around us. Crossing Florida state line the state lived up to its name, the Sunshine State. Traffic was only bad near the cities. We made great time and Sherry is the BEST Company. She even got me a Cappuccino at the truck stop. 

Backing up. Don and Evelyn gave us two bicycles. There are in great shape. Our bicycle rack was in Deltona. While looking for my homemade bike rack at Shirl’s house Sherry noticed the octagon coffee table she wanted for the house in Deltona so we loaded it in the Fit. Getting one more thing of ours out of Shirl’s basement. I think she stores stuff for everyone.
I had planned to put the bikes in the FIT, so when we got home I hung them on the Motor Home ladder at the rear of the coach.

So we had great conditions, and arrived in Deltona early, bringing the cargo with no problems.

BUT…. (Into every life a little rain must fall). A limb I wanted down, was down and hanging on the tree. In the Motor home parking spot. No problem. I got the ladder and cut ‘er down. Not a bit of problem. 

HOWEVER there was one more limb that needed to come down. I cut it. A very amateur mistake misjudged the distance to a power line and put the power out to the house. To shorten the long story a little. Our power was off from mid-afternoon to about 9PM.

Not a great homecoming. LOL But we survived, especially since we have a generator in the motor home. Sherry heated up left over pizza. Of course Life is STILL GREAT!

Nite Shipslog


 This appears to be a '49-'50 Ford customized, but I am not sure.


Lisa said...

I bet yall had a good time actually. Roughing it can be fun at times. As long as its not too cold.
Great time to take advantage of candle light.

Yall be good.

betty said...

Rosemary is a little cutie! Well if you lost power like that, thankfully it wasn't when it was below zero temps!


Glenda said...

Yepper, that Rosemary is another Darnell cutie pie. Glad you're getting settled in and happy that the power line didn't cause more damage that shutting down power. Have a great day in the Sunshine state!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

At least you had a safe trip and the power wasn't out too long and it sounds like you'll have some fire wood too. Your newest great grand is adorable.

Unknown said...

Rosemary is a sweetie! I hadn't thought of that song "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane" in years! I think we had it on a 45 record when I was young. We thought it was a clever song.
I'm sorry to hear about you knocking the power out. Just think about the dog in the window blinds with the caption, "It's cool, it's cool; I got the fly," and say "It's cool, it's cool; I got the limb down."

Dar said...

Awww, Sweet Baby !!! Thanks for sharing your little gift from above.
As for that limb, I thought for sure you were going to say you dropped it on the bikes. lol It coulda been worse.
love from up north where we have enough snow to call it a White Christmas and enough cold in the air that needs to go away.....predicted minus -20's through the holiday. Time for hot cocoa with marshmallows by the fire

Chatty Crone said...

I thought that the limb might fall on the bikes. Well smart to have a back up generator. I didn't know Anne Frank's father was a survivor. And the baby is gorgeous. My son is almost here - very excited.

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Rosemary is a precious little girl. enjoy. glad your power has been restored. accidents happen.