Sunday, January 15, 2023

Funny how things pile up….

Today’s one of a kind:

Is this a Shopping cart?

(The pictures are a progression of campers on the way to our next one...)

Some thoughts for today:

Above is the POP up I built for us. Previous to this it was fold outs and tents.

Here at the last minute we decide to buy another RV. Son Mark is buying our present coach.  He is hoping to use it on a lot in Eastern NC while he builds a house there.

(VW Camper for awhile)

We are looking at a coach up in NC.  We just might buy it.  What makes it complicated is the tag, title and Ins. Since it is an out-of-state purchase. We would be required to drive it back to Florida to take care of that, but there isn’t enough time. LOL  So we will have to work around that.

(Then a travel trailer for a few years)

Then there is  ‘Federal Taxes’ to file.  Thank goodness Florida does not have a state tax.  We are missing Sherry’s W-2 and hoping it shows up in the next couple days. I do not have to start the trail in January, but I sure do prefer it.

(Our first Motor home, to see if we liked the full time life, we did!)

But like everything in life, as long as we live the sun keep rising and days pass.  Things we are concerned (or worried) about work out.

(The beautiful Overland, we loved this first BIG one, that is Sonny & Colette out near the Badlands. Our traveling partners for years.)

So as of now, I still plan to start the trail on Jan 26th if Sherry’s W-2 shows up.  ;-)  Everything else can be handled….

**************  ***************  *************

This Coach, Our latest big one a Monaco Diplomat. We say good bye to it in the next day or two...:

Nite Shipslog


Our coach is a good one. BUT I told my sweetheart we worked hard for what we have. Hopefully we have 4-5 more years on the road, let's do it in more comfort. We looked at a coach here in Florida and it did not work out. Friends in NC decided to sell one a little newer than ours and has 3 slide outs, making life a little better on the road. We are going to look at it.

PS2: This will be my last post for a few days. I am packing up our computers.  See you guys soon, we should be in North CArolina. Y'all try to be good!  I will miss y'all..

PS3: (10 hrs later)  I just just posted this since the computer is still on line. I was ready to post this morning and Sherry said it is time to go to church, and I thought I had posted BUT ..........If this seems confusing, it is because it is....


Chatty Crone said...

It was a little confusing - but GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES on your new adventure!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my you are going to be busy finishing everything before your hike on the trail. Hope all goes well with the new coach. I don't think you are ready to stop traveling any time soon. So you should enjoy it!

Mevely317 said...

Sherry's W-2?
Okay, I'm officially CONFUSED. 'Hope y'all discover the perfect next RV sooner rather than later. Like that old song lyric, "Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think!"

yaya said...

Good luck with finding a new RV! I hope it's a good buy and you both can continue to travel for many more years. Just don't get hurt on that hike!! When I was a kid we camped all over the country. We did it with a tent then were over joyed when Mom and Dad bought a pop up camper. No sleeping on the ground! It was used but they fixed it up so cute. They had it painted and Mom put stickers of flowers on the door and the words that said: "The Love Inn"! Ha! Yep, it was the sixties! We loved it!

Lisa said...

Im confused at your timeline. I hope your find her w-2 but I’m sure you can get another copy of it. If you have a new RV before you go on your walk, Sherry will have a fun time dolling it up.

Have fun, be safe.

Glenda said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Jack, Make it a great day! January 17th...Blessings on your road of Life! Love y'all, Glenda

Chatty Crone said...

Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday Jack. Know you are traveling - but you are thought of. Sherry too. sandie

Woody said...

Hope you had a "Great Birthday" ! Hug your Honey and enjoy another Trip around the Sun ! Love from the North, Gary and Anna Mae !

Woody said...

Can't wait to see Pictures of the Next Motor Home, My Nephew an his wife just bought a House in Leesburg. He was a cook in the Navy. Seems all the younger ones are heading for Florida and Myrtle Beach now. Today is 31 and we got light Snow!!! Take it Easy and sending down love from the North !! Gary and Anna Mae