Saturday, March 23, 2013

Surveys and studies


(Studies show that Spring is normally warm)

There are studies that can tell the characteristics of an individual by what their favorite color is. Even those that can describe the average person by their favorite ‘flavor’'.  I am amazed that many times these studies are close or in the ball park. they are not as far off as the horoscope’s guesses. Of course that does not include Jimmie’s horoscopes, I have noticed they are ‘spot on’.


(Spring is time to relax in the beauty of a clear warm sunset)

Averages amaze me. The AAA can predict how many accidents will occur this coming weekend. There are reports made predicting the number of deaths that will occur on holiday weekends due to auto accidents.


Pictures  from Park City, KY


There are fake analysis also, and we must be careful not to be mislead.

When we go into any new area, one thing we like to do is walk. Originally we preferred to walk downtown and see that area. We have strolled and window shopped in many small towns in the west and mid-west. Very interesting, sometimes amazing.

As the internet became available, I learned I could do a little research on the area and find  places to walk. I also learned  that it was a good idea to check on the crime rates in areas. For safety,  I do that before we walk.


This guy walked with us our whole trip, he was our volunteer guide.


He took us walking around Park City, KY


I guessed it was important to check Detroit. We wanted to go down town and see the GM complex on the water. That was a good idea. Tourists were advised that  around the GM complex was safe, BUT DO NOT WANDER A FEW BLOCKS AWAY, IT IS VERY DANGEROUS. Now that doesn’t invite me even to the GM complex, so we drove around, did not park, then headed back to the Ypsi area.

detroit 017detroit 021

Detroit, some decaying buildings, GM complex below.

detroit 027

The study, polls and averages are becoming more scientific and more accurate. The accuracy still amazes me, but I have become a believer.


For instance: BUTTER-PECAN.. A person who prefers Butter-pecan Ice cream is extremely loveable and wise. They have a personality that equals the sweetness of the flavor they love. These people are very good looking. They always dress correctly and you would do well to emulate them. They tend to have an IQ in the genius range.


Yeah, I made that up. Sherry would replace BP with Chocolate (as some of you would). So that is an opinion, not an accurate study or statistic. But Butter pecan Ice cream is delicious.

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


As Punxsutawny Phil said, “Can’t you guys take a joke?”  (said as he heads toward the gas chamber)



In my mind these 29-30’s cars were beautiful designs.



Years ago there was a revolving restaurant at the top of that GM complex before they owned it. The building was called the REN_CEN short for Renaissance Center. When my husband courted me we spent many hours there.

shirl72 said...

Well nice seeing sights without
having to travel. You know how
much I like being on the road.
I was believing the ice cream tale
until you confessed. Brother you
are all those things expecially the one that says a genius. You got
the brains in the Family.

Anonymous said...

back when I used to eat ice cream...butter pecan was one of my favorites!

I've used your name in my latest post...hopefully not in vain :D

if you add up all who are "below normal" and "above normal" you get "normal" so actually there is no such thing as normal...thank goodness I've never wanted to be normal anyway :D:D:D

Jackie said...

Your header is so beautiful!
It's a shame that we have to do the research to find out where in a city to go or not go in order to be safe. I know I sound old, but it didn't use to be that way. I am saddened that the large cities have become so crime infested (sounds like rodents...and probably act pretty much like them too...except that I like some rodents.)
Regarding your tour guide: he looks precious. So glad that he joined you. It was probably hard to say goodbye.
Have a great weekend, my friend.

Dar said...

I was right along with ya on the Butter Pecan ice cream...we are so much alike...HA!
I wonder if turquoise shows my characteristics is my most fav color.
So sorry I missed so many of your entries. I finally caught up on some reading sure has been hectic round here.
Praise the Lord

Anonymous said...

If he'd walked with me the whole trip we would have bonded & I would have stolen him. Bad, but true. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

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Mevely317 said...

As a fellow butter-pecan lover, you had me going there for a minute. Good thing you 'fessed up before my head grew too big to fit through the doorway! ... lol.

Isn't it funny(?) how people just assume these stats and surveys are spot-on? (Myself included.) I've got all these options (just ask DH!) but no pollsters have come knocking! Yet. Darn it.

Love, love your new header!

Paula said...

What does Sherry say about chocolate ice cream? Nuts in it makes us really smart and beautiful.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always enjoy seeing all the pictures of your travels. Sad but true there are always places that it's not safe to walk in anymore. Thankfully though there are also a lot of good ones. Surveys are always interesting to read. I always wonder though exactly who was surveyed? We are under a weather advisory for more snow by evening...I heard that someone was trying to actually sue Phil the groundhog for his prediction.

Chatty Crone said...

Well butter pecan is my favorite - Breyers has a low sugar one that tastes pretty good. Sandie