Monday, March 25, 2013

There is always a be a better way

Being deaf has draw backs. I read my news. The net is where I get the news, In the past year ‘news’ has gone video rather than printed words.

I am a reader, so my son suggested we get phones where I could text, (He said nothing about ‘sexting’, shucks, I was wanting to learn something new.)  I text maybe twice a month, but it is starting to make more sense. I type some but mostly I use ‘voice to text’, it doesn’t accept Southerneze well.

I am not a tweeter, what ever the heck that is. But on the news today I saw something that flabbergasted me.

At some software conference a lady heard what she considered an off color joke. She turned, smiled at the guy and took his picture with her phone. Then TWEETED it and the joke, saying it was offensive to her. This is what got me. The company is threatened with ‘cyberhacking and destruction’, if they don’t fire the man. So he is fired. The lady starts getting nasty threats and comments on her FB.  Eventually the lady is fired also for mishandling the problem.

ALL THIS FROM AN OVER HEARD CONVERSATION, wow, the power of this internet stuff. Here I sit enjoying blogging (a new word in my life) with friends I know and some I have never met. Adding a little fun and color to my life using the medium for fun and entertainment, when the same media can destroy lives.  I know these jobs in ‘cyberspace technology’ mean a lot to these guys. It is tragic that the same technology they are thrilled with, has basically hurt two families. OUCH.

You read of cases ever day where witnesses are attacked for telling the truth. This net can be a vicious place. However like many things it is used for good and evil.

It is amazing the possibilities I have encountered since being introduced to the internet. I have told the Shipslog, I was once a repairman on one of the earliest computers, the ANFST-2 by Boroughs Corp. I later was a repairman on IBM, then a programmer and instructor. BUT I was NOT PREPARED FOR THE Personal Computer, it blew my mind. having in my house a computer that could out perform a multimillion dollar IBM computer. Shucks, now my watch and phone out performs the old IBM. I predicted once when the transistor came out, TV’s will one day hang on a wall like a picture. Now I am actually a prophet.  AMAZING.

Technology is both good and bad, and this part is just fun.

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I have files of thousands of cars, but I find my self staring at the 30’s a lot. In the 50’s that ford in the upper right corner was THE vehicle to build the hot rod from. Alas I never did. I coulda bought one from Bud Corne, for $50. drats!


Chatty Crone said...

Well Jack young people better start watching what they put out there - because employers are starting to check - glad that is over for me - but I have nothing exciting to say anyway! sandie


I think people will be people. Some say and do the wrong things, it's true. But sometimes we just need to mind our own business.

Anonymous said...

I s'pose that as long as there is life there will be good and bad in everything. My Mom's brother Uncle Edward was deaf (something that happened when he was in the Navy), to bad he and she couldn't have texted their arguments to each other. To say they disliked each other was an understatement!

Wow, can't believe you didn't have a hot rod...missed opportunity that :D

Jackie said...

First of all, I must disagree with Sandie. I disagree vehemently, and you can share this with her if you would like to. She said, " I (Sandi) have nothing exciting to say anyway." Well, I know that Sandie has a lot of exciting things to say, and I am so glad to be a blogging friend of hers. OK...that's said and out of the, where was I? :))
Oh..OK....this technologically advanced world we live in...sigh. It think it's gonna be not such a good thing in the years to come. It's getting scarier and light of what you posted about the guy telling the joke, it being posted immediately, his firing..and her firing....and all of that. Too much techie drama is going on these days. Just my opinion...humble as it is.
I think back to a character named Dick Tracy. Remember his watch?
How ridiculous was THAT notion?!
A watch that could transmit...
Wait a minute...that's old stuff now, isn't it.
Sending you smiles,

Anonymous said...

There are so many ways & venues to be used to inflict damage upon one another, & we seem to make use of them all. ~Mary

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Just to let you know...."IT'S STILL SNOWING UP HERE..!!"

Lucy said...

I just heard on TV that 2 men here in Ne.were swindled. They got bills from PayPal somehow it sounded like Paypal has a pay later plan. These men had not used Paypal for a long while. Scary for someone like me that can screw up on a computer quicker than ever. You and your hearing and me and my shakes. I could not hit the keys to text if I can't hit the keys of a computer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, humans ... and still we can not see as good as fish or bats, hear as good as dogs and and and still continue to make life difficult.
Must be an interesting breed, us.
Great entry.

Please have a good Tuesday you all.

Paula said...

Yes good and bad. It has been so much fun meeting bloggers but I think facebook is another ball of wax. I've read some hurtful things people have said there to their relatives. I still go there at times but not much into it.

Mevely317 said...

Yes, I laughed out loud at your reference to sexting! Don't even get me starting on tweets, please... already it takes me 5 minutes to text an "I love you" to #1 granddaughter.

I should probably be ashamed of my FB addiction; but you've raised some timely and serious points on which to reflect.

Have a great evening!

shirl72 said...

All this new technology has passed
me. I know enough to get by. To
late to tax my brain. I will just be happy with what knowledge I have. Enjoying retirement.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love what I know about technology. But every time you turn around they change something so my education on that keeps enlarging. I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

Louis la Vache said...

The car in the upper left is a Studebaker.