Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sink Holes, WOW

picher. OK

Above is Picher, OK

Florida has had a problem with sink holes and no one can determine where the next one will be. The latest was terrible, under a house. We lost a man while he was peacefully sleeping, the bottom of his house just gave away.

actual hole in bedroom floof

This is the floor after the house is removed by equipment from a distance.

Most houses down here are built on a slab. That is a base of concrete a minimum of 4 inches thick. I cannot imagine the slab giving away completely.  I am amazed that the state hasn’t started requiring wire or rebar in the slabs. Of course this is the first of this type of failure I have ever seen.

Then of course no one knows, maybe the sink hole has been there for years and the concrete finally fatigued and gave way. I haven’t heard that theory, but it seems logical to me. I have been around concrete along time, I cannot imagine it giving away that quickly. But who knows?  And I guess it doesn’t make any difference, the deed is done. Maybe a lot of folks will be tapping their floor to see if it sound hollow beneath.

Grassypondfisning2 014Grassypondfisning2 015

Two Sink holes at Grassy Pond RV park in South Georgia, just before we arrived. This is on a Volley ball court.

The mystery isn’t only in Florida, but all over the world. I searched for sink holes and was shocked at the number and the size.

Irwin, TN 2011

Irwin, Tennessee, No fun in this pool, if it had happened when you were swimming.

LosAngeles 2009

Los Angeles, sometimes one gets a warning.

Milwalkee, WI 2010

Sometimes you don’t as in Milwaukee above and Utah below.

Tabiona, UT 2011


Beijing, China. What a hole.

Bejing, China 2011

Getting pretty close to DC below in Chevy Chase, MD. (The worker is inspecting the size of the hole from a hole that appeared in the middle of the road.)

Chevy Chase, MD 2010

And then Diluth, MN

Diluth, MN 2011

These are only a few, the incidents seem to be prominent in Florida, but YOU are not exempt.

The above of course are not supposed to be funny, lives were lost. In Guatemalan they have lost entire apartment buildings.

Your odds of being the victim of a sink hole are sorta like winning the Lottery, but much less fun.

Sorry for a downer, but sink holes are on the mind lately.

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Life is still good, smile and it will be even better.



I would love to pull into an RV park with the above unit.

I am not a fan of the high vehicles, but my Grandkids would love it.



Paula said...

I like that Batman vehicle, I'm a kid at heart. It must have been terrifing for that man in the house when the sink hole caved in. One of John's ranches (leased) had a sink hole on it. He had to put a fence around it to keep cattle from falling into it. It wasn't as deep or wide as some but it was scary enough.

Chatty Crone said...

We have a small sink hole in the front yard - the builders left some of their materials 26 years ago and it has rotted away. Rome, GA where the kids went to school at Martha Berry College had them too. But nothing is as bad as that poor man who lost his life while in his sleep.

You never know about the next second - do yah?


Mevely317 said...

Ya, I think sink-holes are on everyone's mind after that horrible incident in Seffner. (Having lived in the Tampa/St. Pete area for many years, that story really hit me.)

So sad, that one thinks when they lay their head down to sleep in this-here U.S., all is well. 'And then, it's not.

Like mama used to say, "Every day is a gift."

betty said...

I can see why they would be on your mind, Jack; I think we all stopped and thought about them after hearing the story of the unfortunate gentleman in Florida. I know just the other week here they were mentioning a sink hole in one of the streets in Southern California. It makes us be grateful for the days we have and hope we ourselves get another one tomorrow


Dar said...

wow, I cannot fathom the horror of death by sink hole...that is just sad. I do not ever wish to witness one, but I guess they really are all over the world. I once read somewhere, that most of them were products of too much weight in swampy areas that were topped with so much cover to make roads and buildings, then nature did it's thing and ate them whole...the world is so full with no place to go, I reckon~ sorry I missed commenting so many entries, but I have been reading when I can.
April 1st will be my first day 'back'. Life will then improve.

Jackie said...

Sink holes are frightening to think about. Very interesting photos you have posted. Scary...
Jack...Where in S. Georgia were you when you took the photos of the Grassy Pond RV park?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I did see pictures on the news here of that sink hole. They said it was a big problem for Floridians. Nothing is certain in life and that is just one more proof of it. Today I'm celebrating my birthday. My sisters are taking me to lunch and my daughter is fixing dinner for me. It'll be a day of good food for sure. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

Helen said...

Bad news on the sinkhole where the house fell in on that man. There has been one recently not far from where we live. Not far from a new Publix store which opened last week, almost in the yard. There has been talk of how much it would cost to fill it in. Close to an area that once was an Indian Burial ground. They should have stayed away from that area. Those Indians are on the rise again. There is a new shopping center close by also. What is the difference between a sinkhole and an earthquake?

Louis la Vache said...

You left one important sink hole out of your list, Jack: